The volcano crater has lava bubbling from it

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GRINDAVIK, Iceland – The eruption of an Icelandic volcano continues to show increasing activity, with more lava seen in aerial video overflowing from the Sundhnúkur crater.
The Sundhnjukagigar volcano began erupting on March 16 with little warning, marking the fourth eruption in the area since December.
The IMO said two craters are still active, and most of the lava flow appears to come from the larger Sundhnúkur crater.
A drone video recorded on Sunday, April 7, near the active crater shows lava spewing down the land mass.
The satellite image below shows the volcano’s large lava flow.
Meteorologists said there are no signs the lava flow is progressing alongside the lava barriers built to protect the town of Grindavik.
DRONE VIDEO SHOWS CHARRED LANDSCAPE AFTER VOLCANIC ERUPTION IN ICELAND However, southeast winds at the eruption site have spread volcanic gas throughout Iceland.
Another risk is the dry weather contributing to vegetation fires around the lava field, according to the IMO.


GRINDAVIK, Iceland-More lava can be seen spilling from the Sundhnúkur crater in aerial video, indicating that the eruption of an Icelandic volcano is still occurring.

On March 16, the Sundhnjukagigar volcano erupted for the fourth time since December, with little prior notice. This eruption is probably the biggest since 2021, according to the Icelandic Met Office (IMO).

Approximately 90% of the lava flow seems to originate from the larger Sundhnúkur crater, according to the IMO, which stated that two craters are still active. Lava is shown shooting down the land mass in a drone video taken on Sunday, April 7, close to the active crater.

Hordur Kristleifsson, a photographer, wrote: “Insane lava fall.”. Today there was an abrupt increase in activity, leading to an overflow of the main crater.”. “.

Its massive lava flow is visible in the satellite image below of the volcano.

According to meteorologists, there are no indications that the lava flow is moving along the lava barriers erected to keep the town of Grindavik safe.

A drone video captured the charred landscape in Iceland following a volcanic eruption.

But volcanic gas has been dispersed throughout Iceland by southeast winds at the eruption site. Updates on air quality and gas forecasts are still given by officials.

The IMO states that another risk is the dry weather causing vegetation fires near the lava field.

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