The Texas Eclipse festival was canceled hours before the solar eclipse

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Texas Eclipse, a five-day music festival that began last Friday and was centred around today’s (8 April) solar eclipse, has been cancelled due to a “severe weather warning”.
Organisers say that there are risks of high winds, tornadic activity, large hail, and thunderstorms for later today, including during the eclipse.
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Before the abrupt cancellation, attendees on social media were already calling it the “worst camping experience ever” and claiming that it “Texas Eclipse is turning into a Fyre [Festival] situation”.
Fyre Festival was a “luxury music festival” held in the Bahamas in 2017 which became a notorious disaster, collapsing in chaos after issues with food, security and accommodation arose.
The cancellation of the festival came just hours before the solar eclipse is due to occur.
This guidance may change based on weather.” Another Reddit user described Texas Eclipse as “hell on Earth” and told Disco Donnie: “You should be ashamed of yourself”.
The Independent has approached Disco Donnie Presents for comment.


A “severe weather warning” has forced the cancellation of Texas Eclipse, a five-day music festival that got underway last Friday and was centered around today’s (8 April) solar eclipse.

High winds, tornadic activity, big hail, and thunderstorms are possible later today, including during the eclipse, according to the organizers.

For real-time updates on today’s solar eclipse, click this link.

Attendees on social media had already begun to compare the Texas Eclipse to a Fyre [Festival] situation and called it the “worst camping experience ever” prior to the sudden cancellation.

The 2017 Fyre Festival, billed as a “luxury music festival” in the Bahamas, collapsed in a chaotic manner due to problems with food, security, and lodging. In 2019, it was the focus of two documentaries that were available to stream on Netflix and Hulu.

At Texas Eclipse on Reveille Ranch in Burnet County, hundreds of electronic music acts were scheduled to perform. However, according to the event’s organizers, Disco Donnie Presents, they have “agreed to end the festival today in a calm orderly manner” following discussions with Burnet County officials, local safety agencies, and The National Weather Service.

There will be no performances today or tomorrow.

“Karma for all the lies and broken promises from disco donnie and his lack of organization and accountability,” stated a Reddit user who was present about the cancellation. “.

Another claimed that “people are getting lost on a 2 mile hike” because there was no signage between the camp sites and the festival, and that “artists [were] being turned away and the ones that stay don’t have places to sleep.”.

Shortly before the solar eclipse was supposed to happen, the festival was canceled. In a statement, the organizers said that guests could stay for the eclipse as long as they prepared to leave after totality and packed accordingly. The weather may affect this advice. “.

You should be ashamed of yourself, said a Reddit user who called Texas Eclipse “hell on Earth” and Disco Donnie.

They announced in a long post that there was not enough medical staff, the festival was overcrowded, and it was badly lit.

They wrote, “I am genuinely astounded by how badly organized, handled, and overpriced a festival could be.”. “The bare minimum requirements that a festival ought to have for the security of its guests were not fulfilled. “.

Someone else voiced dissatisfaction regarding the costly costs of meals. “$66 for pizza? $30 for tots? F*** that,” they penned. It’s now just cruel. I will never go to another festival that DD produces. “.

Considering the cancellation, attendees have been informed that they will “receive an email with a partial refund policy.”.

For comment, Disco Donnie Presents has been contacted by The Independent.

Millions of onlookers are anticipated to attempt to see today’s celestial phenomenon across North America.

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