The power could be restored into Monday

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Xcel Energy stated at 11 a.m. Sunday that bringing power back online after the overnight windstorm could extend into Monday for some residents of Colorado’s Front Range.
The company stated there were 55,000 customers whose power was deliberately cut by the company Saturday afternoon during the state’s first Public Safety Power Shutdown, along with another 100,000 who lost power accidently due to windstorm-caused damage to the local electricity grid.
Saturday, Xcel claimed those 55,000 customers would lose electricity in six Front Range counties in order to reduce risk of wildfires that could be caused by downed power lines.
In a Saturday press conference, Xcel Colorado President Robert Kenney described how the company would stage about 40 crews to begin visually examining power lines prior to re-energizing them on Sunday.
A time for full restoration of power was expected sometime Sunday.
The change in the estimated restoration time means some customers could spend a second day without electricity.
At 11 a.m. Sunday, outages still impacted more than 136,000 Xcel customers, according to the company’s outage map.
Farther north, Poudre Valley REA – which did not voluntarily shut off power – was reacting to system damage with multiple crews Sunday.


At 11 a.m., Xcel Energy announced. m. For some residents of Colorado’s Front Range, the process of restoring power following the overnight windstorm could take until Monday.

According to the company, during the first Public Safety Power Shutdown in the state on Saturday afternoon, 55,000 customers had their power purposefully turned off. An additional 100,000 customers lost power unintentionally as a result of damage caused by a windstorm to the nearby electrical grid.

In an effort to lessen the possibility of wildfires brought on by downed power lines, Xcel announced on Saturday that those 55,000 customers would lose electricity in six Front Range counties. Four hours prior to the scheduled outage, Xcel started informing its customers.

The company will deploy about forty crews to start visually inspecting power lines before re-energizing them on Sunday, according to Xcel Colorado President Robert Kenney, who made this announcement during a press conference on Saturday. It was anticipated that power would fully return at some point on Sunday.

Some customers may experience a second day without power due to the change in the projected restoration time.

11. A.M. M. According to Xcel’s outage map, over 136,000 customers were still affected by outages on Sunday.

Poudre Valley REA, which is located further north, was using several crews on Sunday to respond to system damage after refusing to turn off the electricity. By 10:30 a.m., the reported number of outages had decreased below 9,000. M.

Nearly 12,000 customers of CORE Electric Cooperative were without power as of 9 a.m. in the Denver metro area’s southwest. m. On Sunday. Its crews were stationed mostly in the Conifer region.

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