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On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse drew its enormous shadow over North America, cutting a 115-mile-wide (185 kilometers), 10,000-mile-long (16,000 km) path of sudden darkness across the continent.
Baseball fans and players alike flocked to the field to capture photos of the eclipse; this image shows a composite of the partial and total phases of the eclipse as seen from Progressive Field.
During totality, the sun’s corona shone in the darkened sky, high above the stadium lights at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio.
Here, the partial phase of the eclipse begins above a haze of clouds, as seen through a pair of orange-tinted solar eclipse glasses.
No less spectacular is Mizar the dog, who awaited the total solar eclipse at the Sacre Coeur de Beauvoir Sanctuary in Sherbrook, Canada.
The partial solar eclipse seen through cloud cover at Niagara Falls, New York.
The moon passes in front of the sun behind the Washington Monument during the partial solar eclipse in Washington DC.
The partial solar eclipse stuns among billowing clouds atop the dome of the U.S Capitol Building on Capitol Hill in Washington DC.


A massive solar eclipse occurred on April 8, 2024, spanning 10,000 miles (16,000 km) in length and 115 miles wide (185 km) in width across North America.

The eclipse passed through 15 U.S. states after beginning in Mexico. s. states before making its way through Canada, where it was seen by an estimated 44 million people. Here are all of our top pictures from eclipse viewing events across the Americas in case you missed the breathtaking show.

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Spectators saw the moon move in front of the solar disk at Mazatl├ín, Mexico, where the first totality started. A narrow ring of sunlight, resembling a diamond, shimmered through valleys on the moon’s exterior just before totality.

The sun’s face was entirely obscured by the moon, leaving only thin, purple plumes from solar eruptions visible in the corona.

On the other hand, over Fort Worth, Texas, the moon started chiseling away the sun into a thin slice as thin as a toenail.

The diamond ring effect was then visible, shortly before totality. With the last rays of sunlight disappearing from the moon’s limb’s valleys, the two bodies materialized in the sky, resembling a shimmering diamond ring.

Subsequently, the moon’s shadow traversing North America was photographed in orbit by the European Space Agency’s Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite.

Right before the Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Guardians faced off, in Cleveland, Ohio, an eclipse passed over the stadium. This picture, which was taken from Progressive Field, is a composite of the partial and total phases of the eclipse. Both baseball players and fans descended on the field to take pictures of the eclipse.

High above the stadium lights at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio, the sun’s corona glowed in the darkened sky during totality.

A NASA photographer captured all of the progression on camera when the eclipse passed over Dallas, Texas. With the corona visible during the moment of totality in the center, this composite image displays both the partial phases of the eclipse on the left and right.

Those with telescopes and telephoto cameras were able to see solar prominences, which are massive loops of plasma that tower over the sun’s surface, during totality. Every prominent is several times higher than Earth.

Overlooking the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C., were visible portions of the eclipse. as evidenced by this NASA composite image.

Just moments before totality in Indianapolis, Indiana, started, the last of the sun’s rays peaked over the moon’s mountains.

Millions of people flocked to Niagara Falls, where clouds blocked most of the eclipse’s total phase, seeing both the U.S. S. across the river to see the spectacle from the Canadian side. This picture lacks the corona, but the horizon is illuminated by the totality-associated 360-degree sunset effect.

Eclipse chasers flocked to the edge of Lake Ontario, not far away in Hamilton, Ontario, in order to witness totality. Here, as seen through a pair of orange-tinted solar eclipse glasses, the partial phase of the eclipse begins above a haze of clouds.

Over Glover, Vermont, during totality, the sun’s corona shines in the pitch-black sky.

At the Sacre Coeur de Beauvoir Sanctuary in Sherbrook, Canada, Mizar the dog, who was waiting for the total solar eclipse, is equally impressive.

In the sky above Torreon, Mexico, the eclipse cast a ghostly glow.

In Brady, Texas, a moody picture was captured through clouds as the moon descended towards the sun.

This picture was taken in Eagle Pass, Texas, and shows just the tiniest bit of sunlight left.

The moon hides the sun beneath the angel atop Toronto’s Princes’ Gates under a sheet of clouds.

The partial solar eclipse at Niagara Falls, New York, as seen through the clouds.

During the partial solar eclipse in Washington, DC, the moon moves in front of the sun behind the Washington Monument.

On top of the U.S. dome, amidst billowing clouds, the partial solar eclipse dazzles. S Capitol Building, located in Washington, DC on Capitol Hill.

Before crossing over New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and finally the Atlantic Ocean, the sun reaches totality in Houlton, Maine.

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