The animals at the Indianapolis Zoo show nighttime behavior

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INDIANAPOLIS — While most Hoosiers kept their eye on the sky during Monday’s total solar eclipse, staff at the Indianapolis Zoo were keeping watch over the behavior of their animals.
As expected, the moment of totality “tricked” the animals into believing it was nighttime.
The zoo noted their macaws, which are normally pretty boisterous, got quiet and roosted high in their enclosure, which they do at night.
Not a peep and no movement,” Indianapolis Zoo president and CEO Dr. Robert Shumaker said in a video shared by the zoo.
The zoo also posted video of staff and guests reacting to the moment of totality Monday.
Moment of Totality Video Roar of the crowd during the moment of totality at the Indianapolis Zoo!
🌘 🌑 🌒 #solareclipse #eclipse2024 #totality #indyzoo Posted by Indianapolis Zoo on Monday, April 8, 2024 The zoo is also asking for people to report the behavior of their own pets and animals.
You can share your observances with Eclipse Soundscapes or Globe Observer.


INDIANAPOLIS — When the majority of Indiana residents watched the eclipse on Monday, staff members at the Indianapolis Zoo monitored the actions of their animals.

The moment of totality “tricked” the animals into thinking it was nighttime, as was to be expected.

The macaws at the zoo, who are usually quite chatty, became silent and raised their heads in their enclosure, a habit they have at night. The other birds and budgies at the zoo behaved in the same way.

They are completely silent right now, and I’m standing next to their aviary. Dr. Robert Shumaker, president and CEO of the Indianapolis Zoo, stated in a video released by the zoo, “Not a peep and no movement.”.

The warthogs at the zoo huddled close to the back gate of their enclosure, while the cheetahs, as they usually do in the evenings, paced across the highest point of their yard. The flamingos, perceiving that night had arrived, likewise became silent and gathered in groups.

A video of the zoo’s employees and visitors reacting to Monday’s totality was also uploaded. After 3 p.m., a visitor noticed that the lions started to roar as night fell. me. EDT.

Video of the Moment of Totality.

Applaud with the crowd during the eclipse at the Indianapolis Zoo! 🌘 🌑 🌒 solareclipse eclipse2024 totality indyzoo.

Posted on Monday, April 8, 2024, by Indianapolis Zoo.

People are also asked to report any inappropriate behavior displayed by their own pets or other animals to the zoo. Globe Observer and Eclipse Soundscapes are two places where you can share your observations.

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