Students in San Antonio face difficulties with the application process

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SAN ANTONIO – Higher Education Students only have until Monday to submit their Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA.
A new version of the application rolled out, but many say it’s riddled with glitches, causing problems for many students in San Antonio.
Whitis said there have been several issues with the new Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA, including processing errors.
It’s a nationwide issue impacting some of the student population in San Antonio.
“What happens with national data is, it’ often not representative of San Antonio and San Antonio colleges in specific because our population of Latino students is way above the national average,” said Francisco Solis, President San Antonio College.
Nationally, 21% of college students are Hispanic, here in Bexar County and the Alamo College System, that number is even higher, jumping to 70%.
“No child in San Antonio should feel that they are not able to go to college,” said Solis.
He recommends checking the Student Aid Website or asking your school for help.


SAN ANTONIO – College and university students have until Monday to turn in their Free Application for Federal Student Assistance, or FAFSA, forms. A revised version of the application was released, but many claim it has numerous bugs and is causing issues for many San Antonio students.

The biggest change to the financial aid system in a long time was made in 2021 with the passage of the FAFSA Simplification Act, but Harold Whitis, Director of Student Financial Aid at Alamo Colleges, noted that the process was not completed as soon as it should have been.

The new Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, has a number of problems, including processing errors, according to Whitis. Many aren’t getting the assistance they depend on, which is greatly needed.

The students who are most affected are those whose parents do not have social security numbers.

In Texas and across the nation, Whitis said, “that’s been the big issue for a lot of people, especially non-citizens.”.

There are certain San Antonio students who are impacted by this national problem.

The population of Latino students at San Antonio College is significantly higher than the national average, so national data is frequently not representative of San Antonio and San Antonio colleges in particular, according to Francisco Solis, President of San Antonio College.

Although Hispanic college students make up 21% of all college students nationwide, they make up 70% of those in Bexar County and the Alamo College System.

“It should not be the case that any young person in San Antonio cannot attend college,” stated Solis.

According to Solis, no student should give up or cease pursuing a college degree. We’re informed that solutions are being developed.

Whitis said, “The department has come up with a workaround for that, so those who are having issues should contact the department.”.

Whitis mentioned that applications can be processed without the social security numbers of the parents. For assistance, he suggests contacting your school or visiting the Student Aid Website.

Additionally, Whitis said, “They can come to our office and we’ll advise them through their process if there are any corrections that didn’t need to be made that helped them complete.”.

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