Solar eclipse glasses, cereal box viewers, and pinhole cameras are how to watch the show safely


If you can’t get your hands on a pair of solar eclipse glasses, experts say there are still ways to enjoy the event safely.
You also shouldn’t look at the eclipse through a camera lens, phone, binoculars or telescope, according to NASA, even while wearing eclipse glasses.
Here’s what doctors suggest: How to make your own eclipse-safe glasses at home If you don’t have the traditional solar eclipse glasses, Brinton said you can also look through No.
Just like with traditional solar eclipse glasses, Brinton said it’s important to make sure the material you’re viewing through is fully intact.
How make a pinhole projector for safe eclipse viewing No glasses?
CBS Pittsburgh meteoroligist Ray Petelin demonstrated an easy step-by-step on how to make a cereal box pinhole viewer, which you can watch below.
Are your eclipse glasses safe?
Here’s how to know if they’ll really protect your eyes during the total solar eclipse.


There are still safe ways to watch the eclipse if you are unable to obtain solar eclipse glasses, according to experts.

Other risky options include using your regular pair of sunglasses or even stacking two or three.

“People can’t wear sunglasses to compensate for the filtering that the ISO standard filters and eclipse glasses provide,” Dr. Jason P. stated. Ophthalmologist Brinton, the medical director of Brinton Vision in St. Louie.

NASA advises against viewing the eclipse through a phone, binoculars, telescope, or camera lens—even if you are wearing eclipse glasses. The sun’s rays have the power to seriously damage eyes by burning through lenses.

So what can you use? Medical professionals recommend the following:.

How to create at-home eclipse-safe glasses.

Brinton stated that you can also look through No. if you don’t have the customary solar eclipse glasses. 14 aluminized mylar plastic sheets or welder’s glasses (for those who might have access).

Making sure the material you’re looking through is fully intact is crucial, according to Brinton, just like with regular solar eclipse glasses.

“Verify that there are no dents or injuries,” he instructed.

How to create a pinhole projector for viewing eclipses safely.

There’s another way to see the eclipse without hurting your eyes if you don’t have glasses: indirect viewing.

According to Brinton, there are various indirect ways to watch the event, such as using a homemade pinhole projector. The recipe is as follows:.

Create a tiny puncture in a piece of paper.

Holding the paper out so that sunlight hits it, turn your face away from the sun.

Observe how the sun appears as a pinhole on the ground (or on another piece of paper you hold underneath), gradually fading from a full circle.

“It naturally vanishes if you are in the path of totality. Brinton uttered those words. That’s a reasonable, albeit indirect, perspective. “.

How to turn a cereal box into an eclipse viewer.

With a few more items from around the house, you can create an eclipse viewer to make your indirect viewing device a little more complex. Here’s how to do it:.

Locate a tiny box; shoe and cereal boxes are common choices.

Make two cuts in the box’s bottom.

Cover one of the holes with tape and a piece of paper or aluminum foil pierced with a tiny pinhole.

To let light enter the pinhole, turn your face away from the sun.

Watch as the sun projection transitions from a full circle to an eclipse by peering through the remaining opening to the interior of the box.

If you need a visual, watch CBS Pittsburgh meteorologist Ray Petelin’s simple tutorial below to learn how to create a cereal box pinhole viewer.

Medical professionals offer advice on how to ensure the safety of anyone watching an eclipse.

According to Dr. Yehia Hashad, chief medical officer of Bausch + Lomb, an eye health company, and an ophthalmologist and retina specialist, “eclipse viewers should be safe theoretically since you are not looking directly to the sun during the eclipse or partial eclipse.”. Having said that, there are situations when we become concerned about the implementation. ****.

How can I determine if my eclipse glasses are safe for the total solar eclipse?

Why? He explained that occasionally people will glance briefly at the sun to orient the box or pinhole in the proper direction. Children in particular may experience this since they may not be aware of the dangers of viewing the eclipse.

“This is the reason we are occasionally conservative with this approach,” Hashad stated. Unless you are overseeing its implementation, we are constantly concerned, particularly with kids who are particularly susceptible to these kinds of circumstances. ****.

For what reason is a special viewer required for a total solar eclipse?

To avoid eye damage during the eclipse, wear protective eyewear.

According to Brinton, “damage can occur even within a fraction of a second in certain cases if someone looks at the eclipse for a brief period of time.”. I have seen patients with solar retinopathy, also known as eclipse retinopathy, in my capacity as an ophthalmologist.”. “.”.

Following an eclipse viewing, headaches, blurred vision, dark spots, and changes in color, line, and shape perception are all indications of potential eye damage.

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