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NEW YORK — New Yorkers gathered Monday to gaze in wonder as a rare total solar eclipse made its way across the Empire State.
It marked the first time in nearly 100 years that New York had gotten a front-row seat to a total solar eclipse.
Emotional moments during solar eclipse totality CBS New York’s Kristine Johnson and Lonnie Quinn were both in the path of totality.
Eclipse sends tourists flocking to New York state Gov.
In Lake Placid, Quinn spoke with an excited eclipse viewer named Elizabeth, who said she’s an intern at NASA and a Ph.D student at Stanford.
Infectious enthusiasm for solar eclipse in New York City There were numerous watch parties throughout New York City, even though the Big Apple wasn’t in the path of totality.
The next solar eclipse in New York state is in about 20 years.
At age 91, Mira Bramson has seen a lot, but she’s never had the chance – or taken the time – to really soak up a solar eclipse.


NEW YORK — On Monday, residents of the Empire State came together to watch with awe as a rare total solar eclipse passed over the state.

Jamestown, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Rochester, Syracuse, Watertown, Lake Placid, and Plattsburgh were among the many upstate New York cities that were in the path of totality.

Approximately 90% of the sun was blocked by the eclipse in New York City.

Crowds of bystanders stopped to look up and gather together across the state. Views extended from the heart of Manhattan to the natural wonders of Lake Placid and Niagara Falls.

This was the first total solar eclipse that New York had seen up close in almost a century.

memorable moments when the sun was completely eclipsed.

The paths of totality included Lonnie Quinn and Kristine Johnson of CBS New York. They were both stunned by the eclipse.

The sky grew gloomy and the people in Niagara Falls began to cheer.

“This morning feels like dawn. “What an odd sensation this is,” Johnson remarked. “This is such a wonderful time. It feels as though someone has turned out the lights, and you can feel it in every cell in your body. “.

One observer in Niagara Falls remarked, “You can feel the awesomeness of nature,” during the total eclipse. “Just experience the universe’s connectivity, in a way. ****.

One man remarked, “The feeling of— out of nowhere it goes completely dark light this.”.

When Johnson briefly saw the corona in Niagara Falls, the overcast sky suddenly cleared, bringing tears to her eyes.

“It’s amazing to think that this is happening right now. The entire day has been overcast. Johnson asked, “How fortunate are we?”. “No way—I’m not sure what to tell you—this is absolutely amazing in terms of timing. Take a peek at this. The corona and the glittering lights are visible. “.

Johnson looked for words to express the feeling.

This is nothing more than a dot. I can’t even express myself. I cannot express how stunned I am. It felt like someone turned on the lights again all of a sudden. This truly is incredible. ****.

Johnson described it as “truly incredible.”. I have no idea why, but it’s really, really emotional. “.

“In the last five minutes, something incredible happened that changed my life. That’s the only way I can put it,” Johnson remarked. Prior to totality, the clouds were so densely covered. There was total cloud cover. The clouds’ thin whispers revealed their full glory to us, and I must admit, it was truly amazing. It seemed as though someone had turned out the lights. ****.

Animals were also affected by the eclipse.

Right now, you can see birds flying in every direction imaginable. They’re visible in the sky,” Johnson remarked.

Quinn, who was in Lake Placid with his family, was likewise rendered speechless by the encounter. That made his daughter cry.

This is incredible. How wonderful, Quinn exclaimed. It evokes strong feelings. “.

“I have no words to describe it. At the exact moment of totality, the clouds broke, covering the entire area in clouds. The sun’s corona was visible to us. One individual said, “It was a life-changing experience.”.

Travelers swarm to New York state during eclipses.

Gov. It was reported by Kathy Hochul that over a million people traveled from all over the nation to witness the show.

“People will be talking about this for years to come; they are coming from all over to celebrate and just be a part of this shared experience,” Hochul said. It is an occasion to rejoice and encourage travel. Many thousands of jobs make up our third-largest industry. From the staff at the restaurants and hotels to the individuals working in the tiny cafes. Everyone is gaining from this. “.

According to Hochul, the eclipse was a bringing people together.

“Regardless of your political views, ethnicity, or region of the nation. All that exists now is that we are humans,” Hochul remarked. “Just smiling people strolling around. We’ve been missing that for a very long time, in my opinion. ****.

Elizabeth, an enthusiastic eclipse watcher in Lake Placid, informed Quinn that she is a Ph.D. candidate and an intern at NASA. D scholar at Stanford University.

I’m thrilled to be here even though I’m not really an astrophysicist. I can’t wait for the eclipse. The event that most excites me is Bailey’s Beads, in which, just before the moon covers the sun, all of the moon’s craters appear at various times during an eclipse and combine to form what looks like a string of beads at the sun’s edge,” the woman said. “I adore the energy coming from the crowd. It seems excellent to me. It’s been fantastic. “.”.

infectious excitement in New York City for the solar eclipse.

Even though the Big Apple was not in the path of totality, there were plenty of watch parties going on throughout the city.

On the Queens lawn in front of the New York Hall of Science, thousands of people gathered. A few arrived ahead of the moon.

Frank Hislop, a resident of Brooklyn, stated, “I came here early to make sure I’m first in line.”. It is something you should not miss. For now, I’m living in the present, but in 20 years, whatever happens, happens in 20 years. “.”.

Since it was a science museum, the main goal of the event was to teach kids.

Dylan Howard, a resident of Manhattan, said, “We made a model of the sun and the moon and the moon is blocking the sun.”.

The New York Hall of Science’s Leeanne G-Bowley stated, “That’s how we’re really going to get people excited about science and STEM and all the possibilities of careers.”.

There might be some bright future scientists after this experience. They gained knowledge of science as well as patience.

Elijah Alvarado, an Astoria resident, remarked, “To be honest, I thought it would be a little faster.”.

In roughly 20 years, there won’t be another solar eclipse in New York state.

Some people found the eclipse to have great significance.

Many who have experienced numerous solar eclipses found deep significance in Monday’s eclipse.

Mira Bramson, ninety-one, has seen a lot, but she has never taken the time, or had the opportunity, to truly experience a solar eclipse.

It’s unlike anything I have ever seen,” she remarked.

After learning about the phenomenon, the residents of United Hebrew of New Rochelle spent the day actually experiencing it.

You’ve been waiting for it for a very long time. It’s amazing. It truly is, according to local Frank Marallo.

Even though there was some light cloud cover, the celestial show was not significantly disrupted. Huge groups of people congregated on rooftops in New Rochelle, united in their awe at how the solar system functions.

“I believe that things like this should excite people. Things that will strengthen our bonds with one another, according to resident Frances DeFeis.

The lights that come on at dusk suddenly illuminated, the birds stopped chirping, and eyes that have seen so much were thankful to have witnessed this as peak coverage drew near.

“This is not something that can be produced by humans, scientists. Considering that you must control the sky. Bramson questioned, “We can’t control the sky, can we?”.

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