I was given just 15 months to live and only to discover that I never had cancer

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A mother endured ‘aggressive’ chemotherapy and said goodbye to her family after being given just 15 months to live – only to discover she never had cancer.
The 39-year-old said she was told about her terminal cancer diagnosis at a check-up appointment following her spleen surgery and claims she was given an ‘optimistic’ 15 months to live.
After losing all her hair, Lisa underwent another round of ‘very aggressive’ chemotherapy, which left her with ‘silvery skin’ and vomiting.
But at a routine hospital appointment in April, she claims this is when she was told that she never actually had cancer and the first pathology report was wrong.
‘It was a blood vessel type of cancer found in the spleen and told me that the most optimistic thing he could say was to give me 15 months [to live].
Lisa claims this meant she endured chemotherapy treatment when she didn’t need it and is now dealing with the repercussions of this as she never had cancer.
‘I asked for a copy of their pathology report and I found a hallway to call my husband and tell him the news.
After being told she never had cancer, Lisa said chemotherapy treatment was stopped immediately.


After being given just 15 months to live, a mother said goodbye to her family and underwent “aggressive” chemotherapy, only to find out she had never had cancer.

At the end of 2022, Lisa Monk, a resident of College Station, Texas, visited the hospital for a CT scan. following the onset of abdominal pain that she thought might be a kidney stone.

During the test at her appointment, it was discovered that in addition to two kidney stones, she had a mass on her spleen, which had been removed in January of 2015.

Before being examined at a fourth lab, where the mother-of-two claims the organ was sent to three different pathology labs, it was found to be positive for an aggressive type of blood vessel cancer.

At a follow-up appointment after having surgery to remove her spleen, the 39-year-old claimed to have been informed that her cancer was terminal and that her prognosis was “optimistic” for 15 months.

Following a referral to a cancer hospital, the higher education worker was admitted to the hospital right away to start her first round of chemotherapy in March 2023.

Lisa had another round of “extremely aggressive” chemotherapy after losing all of her hair, which left her with “silvery skin” and vomiting.

She asserts, however, that she was informed—during a routine hospital visit in April—that the initial pathology report was inaccurate and that she never genuinely had cancer.

Lisa is upset that the doctors chose to “congratulate” her instead of offering an apology for their purported error. She claims the needless chemo has left her broke and her “insides cooked.”.

According to Lisa, the cancer was identified as clear cell angiosarcoma, an extremely rare and terminal form of the disease.

“When I received the news, I had gone to see my doctor as a post-operative follow-up.”.

“He asked me if I was okay with receiving bad news in front of my mom while I was with her.”. At that point, he informed me that it was cancer. My reaction was shock. The terrible news that it was terminal was conveyed to me.

“It was discovered to be a blood vessel-related cancer in the spleen, and the best prognosis he could offer was 15 months to live.”.

I went down to the river and prayed after dropping my mom off at her house because I wasn’t ready to go tell my husband at home.

When I didn’t return home right away, he discovered my whereabouts and assumed I had been abducted.

When he found me, I had to break the bad news to him and then head home to tell my two children.

I told them it was bad but I was going to try to fight it, but I didn’t tell them that it was terminal or that I only had 15 months left.

The hardest hit was my eldest son. Although my daughter was adept at expressing her emotions, her teacher informed me that she was becoming anxious about it at school. ‘.

Lisa said that although the hospital had received the first report that had diagnosed her with terminal cancer, they had requested her spleen to do their own tests because of company policy.

She says that after having her organ tested, the hospital’s test revealed that she had never had cancer; however, she also claims that the hospital did not review their report until the April appointment, which occurred one month after they received it.

Lisa says this means that even though she never had cancer, she had chemotherapy when she didn’t need to and is now suffering from the consequences.

Lisa reported: “I saw the nurse practitioner first, and she asked me about my symptoms while using the computer to browse.”.

With this expression on her face, she abruptly stops talking. She turned to face me, looking absolutely horrified, and told me she had to go get the doctor before hurriedly leaving the room.

After leaving me alone for roughly fifteen minutes, the doctor returned. After filling me in on a lot of medical jargon, he told me I wasn’t cancerous.

They were acting like it was a bad thing, so I was perplexed. If I didn’t have cancer, I simply assumed that the chemotherapy was having its desired effect.

Then the doctor informed me that I had never had cancer. [At that point] I felt and looked like I had cancer because I was sick, I was vomiting, and the chemotherapy had turned my skin silver.

It truly troubled me when the doctor congratulated me after that. I was shocked at the moment, but looking back, I think saying “I’m sorry” would have been a better course of action.

“I located a corridor to call my husband and share the news, and I requested a copy of their pathology report.”.

‘The first pathology test I had back from the lab said I had cancer and I started treatment based on this report but then the hospital ordered my spleen to conduct their own pathology test as it was their policy to do so.

The date they received their [the hospital’s] pathology report became clear to me when I listened to the recording of my doctor’s appointment after I got home. I had taken note of them so I wouldn’t forget anything. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that it was dated one month before my scheduled appointment.

Had they taken the time to read their own pathology report, they could have informed me a month earlier, saving me from having to undergo a second round of chemotherapy. I had chemotherapy during this time.

I had to wait a few days after being told I didn’t have cancer before I was told for sure after speaking with all the doctors.

After all was said and done, they concluded that the mass on my spleen was caused by an impending rupture. There was only blood vessel activity; there was no cancer present. ‘.

Lisa claimed her chemotherapy treatment was immediately stopped after she was informed she didn’t have cancer.

Even though Lisa was relieved to hear the good news, she is still “angry” about what she and her family have gone through a year later.

It’s still our medical bills that we have to pay,’ Lisa stated. My bills were not dismissed, and cancer is an expensive disease. The only other trauma is emotional. It was a very gloomy moment.

Writing farewell letters to grandchildren I would never meet and weddings I would never attend was something I was doing.

“I continued to appear as though I had cancer.”. I looked unwell and was quite bold. All of us had experienced it, and it served as a daily reminder of that.

I’m upset about what happened to me a year later. They’ve burned my insides out and destroyed my health.

“I feel so sorry for my children, that they had to experience such a thing in their lives, where they believed they would lose their mother.”.

This cannot be taken away from them by me. Although it appears to be just a few months of my life on paper, it felt like a lifetime. “.

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