The Trump-Biden poll was a wake-up call for the Democrats

The Hill

CNN’s Van Jones said a set of battleground state polls showing former President Trump with a lead over President Biden in five of six key states should be a “wake-up call” for Democrats.
The New York Times poll published Monday found Trump with a slight lead in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and with significant leads in Nevada, Arizona and Georgia.
Jones said the results can be attributed to younger voters turning against Biden.
“It should be a wake-up call,” Jones said.
That’s not going to be enough for Joe Biden.” Jones added that the Biden campaign must also double down on courting the Black vote in key cities including Milwaukee, Detroit and Philadelphia.
Trump has a 13-point lead in Nevada, 9-point lead in Arizona and 6-point lead in Georgia, according to the poll.
Despite the good signs for Trump, Enten noted that the race is not over yet.
“The race to 270 is advantage Donald Trump, but he’s not over the 270 mark just yet,” Enten said.


Van Jones of CNN stated that Democrats should take note of a series of battleground state polls that show former President Trump leading President Biden in five out of six crucial states.

According to a poll released by the New York Times on Monday, Trump leads significantly in Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia, but only slightly in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

According to Jones, the outcomes are the result of younger voters rejecting Biden.

Jones stated, “It ought to be an alarm.”. “Young people feel angry. Furthermore, the economic prospects for young people are appalling regardless of the circumstances in Gaza. “.

“We simply don’t have a system in place to help young people pay off their student loans and buy a home,” he said. “I believe that we haven’t yet sensed or heard Biden’s wholehearted approach to the youth.”. Student loans have a symbolic component. It will not suffice for Joe Biden. “.

Jones continued, saying that the Biden campaign needed to step up its efforts to win over Black voters in important cities like Milwaukee, Detroit, and Philadelphia.

“In those central Black cities, you have to reach out to the grassroots and ensure that people are heard by surrogates, heard by the campaign, and taken seriously,” he stated. There is going to be a fierce, direct conflict in those Black cities and Great Lakes states. That is the location you need to go. “.

The results of the poll, according to Harry Enten, the network’s pollster, are a “complete disaster” for Biden. He drew attention to the significant difference in results between states in the Sun Belt and those near the Great Lakes.

The survey indicates that Trump is leading by 13 points in Nevada, 9 points in Arizona, and 6 points in Georgia.

“Changing is the Trump coalition. Enten explained the discrepancy between the outcomes in the Southwest and Midwest by saying, “That’s basically what’s cooking here.”.

He claimed that the base of voters for the Trump campaign is growingly non-White, and that in particular, the surge in support from Latino voters has greatly benefited Trump in Nevada and Arizona.

Enten pointed out that the race is still ongoing despite Trump’s encouraging indicators. Biden would win the White House by a narrow margin of 270–268 electoral votes if the Times poll accurately predicted the outcome of the election and he won all the states that were too close to call.

“Donald Trump has an advantage in the race to 270, but he hasn’t crossed the 270 threshold yet,” Enten stated.

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