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You’ve heard of an alligator in the elevator, but how about the alligator in the kitchen?
That’s what one Florida resident experienced firsthand recently when a nearly 8-foot alligator barged into her home and got stuck in her kitchen.
It’s officially alligator mating season, so the giant reptiles are traveling far and wide, showing up in pools, golf courses and apparently, as dinner guests.
Mary Hollenback of Venice, Florida told USA TODAY that she thought it was a neighbor accidentally coming in her house when the screen door rattled on March 28.
Mating season:Here’s what to do if an alligator is in your yard, pool or neighborhood.
April kicks off alligator mating season Close encounters like this are going to be more common over the next few months, especially in Florida, home to approximately 1.3 million alligators.
Alligator mating season started in April and will last through June.
Contributing: Lianna Norman, Victoria Brown; USA TODAY Network


The elevator is known to have alligators, but what about the kitchen?

That is exactly what happened to a resident of Florida recently when an alligator that was almost eight feet long broke into her house and became trapped in her kitchen.

Alligators are traveling far and wide during their official mating season, which is now upon us. They can be seen in swimming pools, on golf courses, and even as dinner guests.

When the screen door rattled on March 28, Mary Hollenback of Venice, Florida told USA TODAY that she initially believed it was a neighbor inadvertently entering her home.

In an interview, she stated, “So I come around the corner expecting to tell somebody they were in the wrong place.”. “And look, right outside my front door—an alligator!”.

During mating season, you should follow these instructions if you see an alligator in your neighborhood, backyard, or swimming pool. No, it cannot be shot.

“Very clearly upset” alligator stuck in the kitchen.

Calling 911 was the only thing on Hollenback’s mind as she was shaking so violently at the intruder.

The private residence was visited by an obtrusive alligator trapper on March 28, as confirmed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in a statement provided to USA TODAY.

The reptile had problems moving around due to Hollenback’s slick wooden floors, but it managed to become stuck in the kitchen.

“He was moving forward almost stealthily. . and ended up trapped in my kitchen, sandwiched between the refrigerator and the island,” stated Hollenback. It was obvious that he was upset. ****.

She said he might have wandered in from the pond across the street from her house because she lives in a neighborhood with several ponds.

A farm that raises alligators received the 7-foot-11-inch-long gator, according to the FWC. Four rescue officials were needed to get the alligator into the truck’s bed, according to footage from the operation.

Alligator mating season begins in April.

In the coming months, close calls like this one will become more frequent, particularly in Florida, where there are an estimated 1.3 million alligators living.

April marked the beginning of the alligator mating season, which runs through June. During this period, some male alligators kick weaker males off their turf because they become more aggressive.

Because they can cover hundreds of acres, alligators that are shot are more likely to appear in yards, golf courses, or swimming pools in residential areas.

USA TODAY Network, Victoria Brown, and Lianna Norman contributed.

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