There is a new yellow color that looks like a Playdate

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Ahead of their official launch later this month, official-looking renders of Nothing Ear and Ear (a) have leaked alongside price points, and these might explain a previous teaser, too.
The key design aspect of Nothing as a brand thus far has been the transparent look, and it seems that Nothing Ear and Ear (a) will keep that going.
Both sets of earbuds show “Nothing Ear” or “Nothing Ear (a)” on the stem of the earbud with a transparent look throughout.
Ear has both black and white colors, with the case now saying “Nothing” instead of “Ear (case)” like on previous generations.
Ear (a) are shown not only with a smaller case design, but also a yellow variant.
The case has a yellow insert in the back, while the earbuds are yellow on the bit that sits in your ear.
This particular shade of yellow is just about identical to the popular Playdate gaming handheld, which explains why Nothing’s previous teaser for these new earbuds referenced a “Play Date” and used a yellow frog.
According to the leak, Nothing Ear will run a €150 price tag – the same as Ear (2) – while Ear (a) will be €100.


Official-looking renders of Nothing Ear and Ear (a), along with their price points, have leaked ahead of their official launch later this month. These may also explain a previous teaser.

The transparent appearance has been the mainstay of Nothing’s brand identity up to this point, and it appears that Ear and Ear (a) will maintain that. With very minor adjustments, the renderings of both pairs of earbuds that were leaked by Android Headlines maintain the transparent appearance and square case of the previous Nothing earbuds on Ear and Ear (a).

The words “Nothing Ear” or “Nothing Ear (a)” are displayed on the earbud stems of both sets of headphones, which have a transparent appearance overall. Ear is colored in both black and white, and unlike earlier generations, the case now reads “Nothing” rather than “Ear (case)”.

An alleged new color variant is a bigger addition here. Both a smaller case design and a yellow variant of Ear (a) are displayed. The back of the case features a yellow insert, and the part of the earbuds that rests in your ear is yellow.

That’s why Nothing’s previous teaser for these new earbuds used a yellow frog and referenced a “Play Date”—this particular shade of yellow is almost exactly the same as the well-known Playdate gaming handheld. The folks who made Playdate, Panic, have stated in the past that they have no idea what the teaser is all about.

This possible relationship seems enjoyable, but it’s unclear how deep it goes.

The pricing, however, is the major story here. The leak indicates that Ear (a) will cost €100, while Nothing Ear will cost €150, the same as Ear (2). These earbud sets have ANC, IP54 water resistance, and long battery life. The Ear is claimed to last 33 hours (including the case) when the ANC is turned off, but Ear (a) lasts 38 hours in the same circumstances.

April 18 is the day Nothing is going to release its new earbuds.

Further on Nothing:.

3 million products have not yet been sold.

Nothing hints at the two more phones that will be released this year, or the new earbuds that will debut in April.

Launch pricing for the Nothing Phone (2a) is £319.

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