The University of Texas at Austin will return to the standard test requirement



The University of Texas at Austin, which was the last selective university to drop its requirement for SAT or ACT scores during the pandemic, announced on Monday that it will once more require them for admission.

Out of concerns that test scores contributed to inequality, about 2,000 colleges nationwide started to phase out test requirements a few years ago, at least temporarily. However, a growing number of those universities—Brown, Yale, Dartmouth, and M.I—have changed their minds about those policies. I. T. , Purdue, Georgetown, and a few others have made the announcements in recent months.

U. C. T. Austin gave a slightly different explanation for going back to test requirements than the other schools, despite admitting a diverse group of high-achieving Texas students as part of a plan to expand opportunity in the state. Officials claimed it was difficult to place accepted students in programs for which they would be most successful and to identify which ones required additional support because test results were not required. The university will now require applicants to submit either SAT or ACT scores starting in August, after making test scores optional for the previous few years. 1. containing admissions applications for the fall of 2025.

During a conversation, Jay Hartzell, the U. T. President, you made the decision after looking at the scores of the students who didn’t turn in their work. “We observed our students and discovered that they weren’t doing as well as they could have in many areas,” Dr. Hartzell stated.

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