The House panel will vote on revised FISA

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The House is expected to vote Friday on the final bill and a number of amendments — including one that would add a warrant requirement before the government could review information collected on Americans.
The House Rules Committee reconvened for an emergency meeting Thursday night to review a revised version of the FISA legislation after a group of 19 Republicans tanked a procedural vote for the initial bill Wednesday, blocking the chamber from debating the measure.
The new version would reauthorize Section 702 of FISA for two years rather than the five-year timeline originally included in the bill.
With those changes and commitments, a number of the GOP holdouts said they would support the FISA rule when it hits the floor, or signaled that they were leaning in that direction.
“I am heavily inclined to [vote for the rule], but I’m just looking at the text,” Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) told reporters.
And Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) said he is “a little uneasy” about the rule but “could probably hold my nose and vote for the rule.” Republicans have little room for error.
And, all 19 are gonna vote for it,” Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) told The Hill.
Trump signed into law in 2018 the current version of FISA that his MAGA allies are intent on reforming.


A bill to reauthorize the U.S. was advanced by the House Rules Committee. s. grant the government’s authority to conduct warrantless surveillance late on Thursday night, moving the bill to the floor just a day after a group of Republicans obstructed the legislation’s discussion.

Reauthorizing Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which is scheduled to expire on April 19, is the subject of a measure that the panel voted 8–4 to adopt as the rule governing legislative debate.

Through the program, foreign nationals can be monitored without a warrant in foreign countries. The program also intercepts American communications with the targets of the surveillance.

On Friday, the House will likely vote on the final bill as well as several amendments, one of which would require a warrant before the government could examine data it has gathered on citizens.

After a group of 19 Republicans blew up a procedural vote for the original bill on Wednesday, preventing the chamber from debating the measure, the House Rules Committee met again Thursday night in an emergency session to review an amended version of the FISA legislation.

However, following talks on Thursday, a number of the hard-liners declared they would permit the legislation to proceed provided leadership made certain concessions and changes.

Rather than sticking with the original five-year timeframe, the revised version would reauthorize Section 702 of FISA for a two-year period.

A vote on an amendment to add a warrant requirement to Section 702 is still included in the rule. This is a major demand from privacy advocates who believe the entire House should have the opportunity to consider the issue.

Additionally, the Republican holdouts stated that the leadership has promised to hold a vote on a bill introduced by Rep. Bill introduced by Ohio Republican Warren Davidson, which would require the government to obtain a warrant before obtaining data about U. S. Residents from data brokers.

Many of the GOP holdouts declared or implied that they would support the FISA rule when it reached the floor in response to those modifications and pledges.

Rep. said, “Unless something comes up, I’ll be fine.”. Ralph Norman, R. S. C. said on Thursday.

“After reading the text, I am leaning toward voting in favor of the rule,” Rep. reporters, according to Chip Roy (R-Texas). Our zip code is correct, I think. “.

But not all conservatives were prepared to offer their unwavering support. Rep. GOP senator Cory Mills (Fla. ), who vehemently objected to the rule on Wednesday, told reporters he wanted to read the text before deciding how to vote procedurally. Also, Rep. Tim Burchett, a Republican from Tennessee. stated that although he “could probably hold my nose and vote for the rule,” he is “a little uneasy” about it. “.

There’s not much margin for error for Republicans. The minority leader of the House, Hakeem Jeffries (D-N. Y. informed reporters on Thursday that Republicans will need to pass the FISA bill with nearly unanimous support because Democrats will not assist GOP leaders in moving the bill forward.

GOP can only lose two members and still pass the rule if every member is present.

Fundamentally, though, not much has changed since Wednesday, when the 19 conservatives blocked the bill due to their concerns that it did not contain enough reforms to safeguard U.S. S. people.

“FISA was stopped last night, and it’s essentially the same thing today—they were praised for saving the nation for that reason last night. And all 19 of them will vote in favor of it, Rep. Republican from Kentucky, Thomas Massie. informed The Hill.

“If they were able to save the world yesterday, they will undoubtedly fail to save it tomorrow. “.

Given that reauthorization of FISA has already been endorsed by both President Biden and President Trump, Massie notes that the two-year timeline also guarantees that the issue will be postponed until the next presidential administration. 2018 saw Trump sign the current FISA legislation into law, which his MAGA allies intend to reform.

Additionally, on Wednesday, Trump clouded the situation by telling lawmakers to “kill FISA.”. “.

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