The ex-interpreter of Shohei Ohtani had a gambling addiction

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Craig Carton has a simple explanation for how Ippei Mizuhara’s alleged massive betting scheme may have slipped by Shohei Ohtani: gambling addiction.
“Couple of things – don’t be surprised that Ohtani might not have known that Mizuhara was gambling at the levels he was – Compulsive gamblers are world class liars and hiders – When you read the transcript it is text book Gambling addiction – asking/begging for more credit…..” Carton wrote on X.
Mizuhara, Ohtani’s former interpreter, lost more than $40 million through alleged sports betting over a 26-month span, according to a bombshell criminal complaint released by federal prosecutors Thursday.
Mizuhara was charged with felony bank fraud fraud Thursday after being accused of stealing more than $16 million from Ohtani to cover gambling debts.
He allegedly placed about 19,000 bets, averaging roughly $12,800 per wager, ranging between $10 and $160,000, over a period from December 2021-January 2024.
Get the lowdown on the Best USA Sports Betting Sites and Apps Check out the best sports betting sites Download the best sports betting app Mizuhara reportedly turned himself in to authorities on Friday.
He’s next scheduled to appear in court on May 9.
Investigators found no evidence that Mizuhara bet on baseball, something that came as a shock to Carton.


Ippei Mizuhara’s purported massive betting scheme may have escaped Shohei Ohtani’s notice due to Craig Carton’s straightforward explanation: a gambling addiction.

A few points to consider are as follows: (1) It is not surprising that Ohtani might not have been aware that Mizuhara was gambling to the extent that he was; (2) Compulsive gamblers are expert liars and concealers; (3) The transcript depicts a textbook example of gambling addiction; and (4) Mizuhara begs for additional credit. On X, Carton penned.

“Self-deprecation about past losses or bad beats, making promises to make regular payments that are far beyond your means, betting on fringe sports like college soccer (I used to be a Tijuana Dog Racing bettor), placing 19,000 wagers, up to 25 bets a day of varying amounts, and, to further highlight the desperation, picture someone betting over $100,000 on a game and then $10 on a game—probably all he had left. “It is astounding that there is still no evidence of even one baseball wager, which surprises me. It also surprises me that Ohtani was unaware that his bank, he continued.

Ohtani’s former interpreter, Mizuhara, lost over $40 million over a 26-month period on suspected sports betting, according to a shocking criminal complaint that federal prosecutors made public on Thursday.

Following accusations that Mizuhara had stolen over $16 million from Ohtani to pay off gambling debts, the defendant was charged with felony bank fraud fraud on Thursday.

Between December 2021 and January 2024, he is said to have wagered between $10 and $160,000 on approximately 19,000 bets, with an average bet of about $12,800.

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Reports state that on Friday, Mizuhara turned himself in to the police.

According to The Athletic, a $25,000 bond was released.

His next court appearance is set for May 9.

Carton was surprised to learn that there was no proof that Mizuhara wagered on baseball.

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