Terry Pluto is taking an inside look at how the Browns decided to draft Michael Hall Jr

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Keep that in mind as you view the Browns’ draft.
Michael Hall Jr., the defensive tackle from Ohio State.
The 6-foot-3 Hall played at 280 pounds at OSU, considered light for a defensive tackle by some draft experts.
Here’s what he’s talking about: The Browns want more pressure on the opposing QBs from the middle of their defensive line.
The defensive tackles will “get one-on-one matchups” when it comes to blocking because Garrett & Co. receive so much attention from blockers.
The only young defensive tackle in the picture is Siaki Ika, the 23-year-old who was picked in the third round of 2023 and played little last season.
Berry noticed all the defensive tackles being picked ahead of the Browns, and they wanted to bolster that position.
In the past, only the elite defensive tackles were highly paid.


I still need some time to get used to draft day in BEREA, Ohio.

The Deshaun Watson Tariff, about which I wrote earlier this week, is a portion of it. It’s every draft selection the Browns sent to Houston in exchange for their quarterback, including first-round picks from 2022–2024.

The Watson Tariff finally expires. In 2025, the Browns will own a first-round selection.

Let’s quickly review two recent significant decisions made by the Andrew Berry front office before I discuss what the Browns did with their top two picks in 2024.

Tales from Terry Pluto.

Cavs lose to Orlando – Terry Pluto with a startling lack of heart and composure.

Terry Pluto: I’m talking to myself about Guardians because of their strong bullpen and quick start.

As Michael Hall Jr. is drafted by the Browns. as evidenced by Terry Pluto’s influence on Jim Schwartz.

In the fourth round of the previous year, he defeated Daward Jones, who was athletic but overweight. The offensive tackle was starting and playing like a first-round pick by the end of his rookie campaign.

He selected Martin Emerson Jr. in 2022. in the phase of three. Beginning the 2023 season as a full-time starter, the cornerback displayed promise as a rookie. A first-round talent, too, is he.

I’m sure nobody anticipated those players would have such instant success.

This is merely something I brought up to highlight how little we actually know about the draft. It should come as no surprise that the NFL pays millions of dollars to assess talent, even though their assessments can be wildly inaccurate. We can all think of significant mistakes the Browns and other teams made in the draft.


This is not the Browns of old. They had an 11-6 campaign and made it to the playoffs last season. Their roster is made up of solid, seasoned players. Players weren’t going to be selected in this draft to start right away. The Browns are no longer forced to give rookies spots in the starting lineup regardless of whether they are prepared for the responsibility.

The plan is to help now and add players who will eventually become starters in a year or two. As you view the Browns draft, bear that in mind.

I’ll investigate what Berry and the other Browns players said during draft night in great detail. I’m only considering the first two options:.

1. Michael Hall, Jr. , the Ohio State defensive tackle. A second-round selection, No., went to the Streetsboro product. In total, 54.

2. The Michigan offensive guard Zak Zinter. He was selected in the third round, No. Overall, 85.

There are question marks on both players.

1. It doesn’t seem like Hall has produced much at OSU in terms of tackles for loss (9 points5) or sacks (6 points0 in his last two years). He made the third team All-Big Ten selection.

2. Some draft experts regarded the 6-foot-3 Hall, who played at OSU at 280 pounds, as light for a defensive tackle. However, Hall is only 20 years old.

Three. Zinter was a two-time first-team All-Big Ten selection and an All-American guard while playing for Michigan. In addition, he has a 3 point 53 GPA in sports management. He captained the Wolverines to a national championship.

4. Zinter sustained a serious injury during the match against. Ohio State, shattering his leg’s tibia and fibula bones. Hall tripped over him during a performance. The 23-year-old most likely fell into the third round due to the injury.


“Finding players who have the ability to affect the quarterback from inside is one of the hardest things to do,” Berry stated.

This is the subject he is discussing:.

From the middle of their defensive line, the Browns want to put more pressure on the opposing quarterbacks. Berry talked about the quality of the Browns’ pass-rushing defensive ends, Myles Garrett and Za’Darius Smith. Additionally, they think Alex Wright is becoming a potent pass rusher.

With regard to blocking, the defensive tackles will “get one-on-one matchups” because Garrett and co. obtain a great deal of attention from those who oppose you.

That’s the reason the Browns made a significant financial investment in defensive free agent tackle Dalvin Tomlinson during the previous spring. They signed Quinton Jefferson and reinstated veteran free agents Maurice Hurst II and Shelby Harris for this reason.

Berry likened the Browns’ addition of defensive linemen to the Guardians’ bullpen day: “You’re throwing five or six pitchers to throw one or two innings each. That’s our defensive line rotation, which is based on guys throwing fastballs. It might be likened to line shifts in hockey.”. “.

Continually adding new linemen is the plan.

The Schubert factor.

It was necessary to construct a defense to match Jim Schwartz’s attacking style when the Browns hired him as defensive coordinator. In 2019, Berry grew close to Schwartz. Schwartz was the Eagles’ defensive coordinator, and Berry served as assistant general manager in Philadelphia.

The philosophies were blended together. As a general manager, Berry aspired to adopt Schwartz’s defensive philosophy since he found it so admirable.

Berry remarked, “James is happy anytime you get a pass rusher.”. “(Hall) is ideal for our offensive line. He’s a firebrand. He moves swiftly. He is able to overtake the passer. He plays with a powerful motor. He is our defense’s ultimate 3-technique; his skill set and enthusiasm are a wonderful fit for our team. “.

The NFL Assistant Coach of the Year award went to Schwartz. In his first season in Cleveland, he brought the Browns defense back to life.

Glenn Cook, assistant general manager of the Browns, stated that Jim Schwartz was the happiest person in the draft room, second only to Andrew Berry.

Hall just turned 20. The Browns think he’ll bulk up and get stronger. At the NFL combine, he weighed 293 pounds, but he played at 280 for the Buckeyes.

Berry remarked, “(Defensive tackle) is not a space eating position.”. Upon Jim’s hiring, we had a conversation about that. It’s the guys who can move. Compared to other league schemes, our prototype for the position will appear somewhat different. “.

The factor of age and money.

Take into consideration the ages of Hurst (28), Tomlinson (30), Harris (32), and Jefferson (31), the veteran defensive tackles for the Browns. The only other young defensive tackle in the photo is 23-year-old Siaki Ika, who was selected in the third round of the 2023 NFL Draft and saw limited action the previous campaign.

“We acknowledge that there are guys (on both lines) who are either in the prime of their careers or are nearing the end of their prime,” Berry remarked. “I can’t say that was the main motivation behind who we selected. “.

Alright, but it was significant.

Berry observed that the Browns were selecting defensive tackles before anyone else, so they sought to strengthen that position.

“We felt that this (drafting Hall) was probably our last opportunity to get a prospect (they really like),” Berry remarked, “especially considering the group of players we thought had the potential for real interior pass rush ahead of us.”.

Only the best defensive tackles used to receive large salaries. That’s evolving.

“Having someone (like Hall) on the board for us is a great outcome, especially when you look at where the market is going at that position and how these guys are getting paid,” assistant general manager Catherine Raiche stated. “Queer players who can exert pressure on the quarterback will either be selected quickly or fetch a high price on the open market. “.

Defensive tackles that are capable of rushing the quarterback “are already north of a $25 million player,” declared Berry. “.

By this, he means that their annual compensation exceeds $25 million.


On the offensive line, guards Joel Bitonio (32) and Wyatt Teller (29) are paid well, a little older, and have had some injuries in the past few years.

Zinter’s attractiveness stemmed from this. He claims he will be well enough for training camp, etc. The Browns see him as an investment for the long term, even if they must wait for him to recover physically.

At Michigan, Zac was an incredibly reliable player in every aspect, according to Berry. “His blue collar mentality will fit right into our offensive line room. He was the beating heart of their culture. “.

Berry ultimately adhered to his strategy of carefully considering both lines.

Berry declared, “We’re a team that invests in the trenches,” forever. “If people don’t listen to what I’m saying, I can’t help it. “.

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