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Instant reaction from the Avalanche’s 4-3 win over the Dallas Stars in Game 1 of their second-round Stanley Cup Playoffs series.
Even if you don’t believe in Santa Claus: It’s time to believe in the Avalanche’s postseason power play.
Going into the final stanza, the Avs had scored on eight of their 18 playoff PP chances in the Stanley Cup Playoffs — a clip of 44.4%.
Makar, Nichushkin keep streaking: This streaking thing is getting to be a habit.
After another sweet wrister tickled the twine in the second period, Cale Makar tied the Avs’ franchise streak for consecutive games with a point — six — to start a playoff series.
2 slot, with nine to start the Stanley Cup Playoffs, is held by Mark Messier (1983) and Steve Payne (1981).
Manson spotted the danger, too, and slid behind his teammate to sweep the puck out of trouble before it could get pushed over the line.
Unfortunately for the Avs, it was probably their best save of the first period.


Response to the Avalanche’s 4–3 victory over the Dallas Stars in Game 1 of their Stanley Cup Playoffs second-round series, completed instantly.

1. You have to have faith in the Avalanche’s postseason power play, even if you don’t believe in Santa Claus. It’s actually past due. Colorado was 2 of 2 with the extra man with 2:41 remaining in the third, both goals coming in the second half, and helping to cut into a 3-0 Dallas lead after the first 20 minutes. The Vancouver Canucks had made eight of their eighteen playoff field goal opportunities entering the final frame of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, or 44.4% of the total. In comparison, the 2021–22 Cup winners scored 32 points, or 20 for 61, with the extra man, which was the highest percentage in the NHL during that postseason.

2. Makar and Nichushkin continue streaking: It’s becoming more and more of a habit. The Avs’ franchise record for the most consecutive games played was tied with six points by Cale Makar to begin a playoff series, following another lovely wrister that tickled the twine in the second period. Val Nichushkin, meanwhile, is pursuing league records in addition to team records. The Choo Choo Train currently shares the record for third place in NHL history with 11 other players for the most goals (eight) scored in the first six postseason games. The No. The Stanley Cup Playoffs begin with nine teams, and Mark Messier (1983) and Steve Payne (1981) are in position two. Only Pat LaFontaine’s seven-game streak with Buffalo to start the 1992 postseason surpassed the Russian winger’s scorching start. Nichushkin’s six-game goal streak is the longest in Avs history and tied for the second-longest in NHL annals.

Three. As awful as the first 20 minutes were for the burgundy and blue, Josh Manson, an Avs defender, made a heads-up sweep that prevented things from getting worse. Hands down, Manson made the best save early on. A three-goal deficit appeared likely to grow to four goals with Alexandar Georgiev spread eagle on the ice and Jamie Benn of Dallas trying to perfectly time the wrap around the defenseless goalie. Colorado was down 3-0 and reeling from the penalty kill. Manson saw the threat as well and ducked behind his colleague to remove the puck from danger before it could cross the line. Regretfully, the Avs made what was likely their best save of the opening frame.

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