Noem book contains a threat against Biden dog

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The White House condemned as “disturbing” and “absurd” comments in which Kristi Noem, the Republican governor of South Dakota and a potential running mate for Donald Trump, threatened to harm or kill Joe Biden’s dog.
“We find her comments from yesterday disturbing,” Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden’s press secretary, told a White House briefing.
(‘Commander, say hello to Cricket for me.’)” Noem adds that her dog Foster “would sure be welcome” at the White House.
Commander, a German shepherd owned by Joe and Jill Biden, was removed from the White House after biting Secret Service agents.
Her host on CBS’s Face the Nation, Margaret Brennan, quoted Noem’s apparent threat to kill Commander and asked: “Are you doing this to try to look tough?
Do you still think that you have a shot at being a VP?” Noem said: “Well, number one, Joe Biden’s dog has attacked 24 Secret Service people.
But she also said she was “so proud” of a book that contained “a lot of truthful stories”.
In her book, Noem writes: “I remember when I met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.


The governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, a Republican and possible running mate for Donald Trump, made threats to hurt or kill Joe Biden’s dog, which the White House denounced as “disturbing” and “absurd” remarks.

Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, stated at a White House briefing, “We find her comments from yesterday concerning.”. “We think them ridiculous. This nation is dog-loving, and your leader advocates killing or putting down dogs. “.

No Going Back, a campaign book that created unusual buzz after the Guardian revealed how Noem describes in detail the day she shot dead her dog Cricket—which she deemed untrainable and dangerous—and an unidentified goat, contains the bizarre threat made by Noem.

Noem’s chances of being selected as Trump’s running mate, the presumed Republican presidential nominee, were reportedly destroyed by the revelation, which set off a political firestorm.

But as the book’s release date drew near, it became apparent that Noem had left something unfinished when she ended her chapter on the death of the nameless male goat and Cricket, a 14-month-old female wirehaired pointer who Noem claims was aggressive, smelly, and dangerous for her kids.

Noem poses the question, “What would I do if I were president on the first day in office in 2025?” at the conclusion of No Going Back.

Make sure Joe Biden’s dog isn’t anywhere on the property, she says as she continues. (Commander, please give Cricket a warm welcome. “)”.

Noem continues, saying that Foster, her dog, “would sure be welcome” at the White House.

“He loves everyone and always goes to the [state] capitol with me,” she writes.

In any case, a governor who is rumored to be planning to run for president in 2028 has at least hinted in writing that she would have the dog of her predecessor put to death.

Noem has defended her account of killing the goat and Cricket, citing it as proof of her willingness to carry out unpleasant but essential tasks in both politics and farm life.

After biting Secret Service agents, Joe and Jill Biden’s German shepherd, Commander, was taken out of the White House.

“Commander is living with family members,” Jean-Pierre stated on Monday. “.

Noem had justified her remarks the day prior.

“Are you doing this to try and look tough? Do you still think that you have a shot at being a VP?” Margaret Brennan, her host on CBS’s Face the Nation, questioned Noem after citing her alleged threat to kill Commander.

“Well, first off, 24 Secret Service agents have been attacked by Joe Biden’s dog,” Noem stated. “So, before you decide on a dog and what to do with it, how many people is enough to be attacked and gravely injured?”.

He’s no longer residing at the White House, according to Brennan. “.

“I think the president ought to be held responsible for that question,” Noem stated. “.

Are you suggesting that the Commander ought to be shot? asked Brennan.

“That’s what the president should be accountable to,” Noem stated. “.

Resolving the issue, Noem attempted to discuss Covid-19 in South Dakota. Nevertheless, she added that the book had “a lot of true stories” and that she was “so proud” of it.

However, Noem’s publisher, Center Street, stated elsewhere that it was eliminating “a passage regarding Kim Jong-un… upon a reprint of the print edition and as soon as technically possible on the audio and ebook editions” from her book at Noem’s request.

“I remember when I met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un,” Noem writes in her book. He must have misjudged me because he was unaware of my background as a children’s pastor, where I had to confront young dictators. “.

There was no meeting of that kind, as the Dakota Scout initially reported.

“What bothers me the most about politicians is when they’re fake,” Noem stated in an interview with CBS. “.

“But if you have to retract… parts of [the book],” Brennan remarked.

Noem said, “I’m not retracting anything,” in response to her publisher’s announcement that it would delete a section of her book. “.

Brennan responded, “All right. “.

Noem went to a Trump Florida fundraiser on Saturday that included several vice presidential candidates.

According to NBC, Trump said of Noem, “someone I love,” and continued, “She’s been with me, and a supporter, and I’ve been a supporter of hers for a long time.”. “.

However, in contrast to other aspirants, such as senator Tim Scott of South Carolina and congresswoman Elise Stefanik of New York, Noem was not invited to the stage.

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