Musk has been playing as a toddler for years

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A 108-page deposition of Elon Musk went public on Monday, as first reported on by HuffPost.
One of the accounts filed in the case is @ermnmusk, according to HuffPost, which has long suspected to be a Musk burner where he roleplays as his toddler.
The two-hour deposition is part of a lawsuit that alleges Musk falsely accused a 22-year-old Jewish man of participating in a Neo-Nazi brawl.
In his deposition, Musk is asked several questions about this alt account, which HuffPost identifies as @ermnmusk.
Motherboard first suspected @ermnmusk to be an Elon burner account thanks to a screenshot shared by Musk in April 2023.
Musk references another alternate account in the deposition, listed as “baby smoke 9,000” in the court transcription.
No such account exists on X, though it could be a typo referring to @babysmurf9000, another long-suspected Elon burner.
Another tweet from the supposed alt account appeared to mock a Signature Bank president for leading a Pride Council meeting on proper pronoun usage.


HuffPost was the first to report on Monday’s release of Elon Musk’s 108-page deposition. During his deposition on March 28, the billionaire talked about his peculiar alternate X accounts. According to HuffPost, one of the accounts submitted in the case is @ermnmusk, which has long been thought to be a burner account for Musk, where he pretends to be his toddler. The two-hour deposition is a part of a lawsuit in which it is claimed that Musk made up accusations that a Jewish man, 22, was involved in a brawl with Neo-Nazis.

During his deposition, Musk is questioned on this alt account, which is identified as @ermnmusk by HuffPost, multiple times. In the transcript, he calls the alt a “test account” that he “briefly used.”. Motherboard initially believed that @ermnmusk was an Elon Musk burner account after Musk shared a screenshot in April 2023.

Musk tweeted, “I will finally turn 3 on May 4th!” which is the actual birthdate and age of his son X AE A-XII. The Wayback Machine also shows a number of odd, deleted tweets from this account. Some deleted tweets read, “For the love of God, can someone follow me?,” “Do you like Japanese girls?” and, “I wish I was old enough to go to nightclubs.”. They sound like so much fun. “.

Ben Brody, a 22-year-old Jewish man, filed the defamation lawsuit, claiming he was the victim of a conspiracy theory that Musk allegedly exaggerated. HuffPost reports that a video of a neo-Nazi and neo-fascist rally that was broken up went viral on X. Ben Brody was mentioned by online users who said the rally was a hoax and was organized by federal agents. Several of these tweets elicited interaction and responses from Musk, and his posts remain live to this day.

In the deposition, Musk makes reference to a different account that is identified in the court transcription as “baby smoke 9,000.”. There isn’t a similar account on X, but it might be a typo for @babysmurf9000, another long-rumored Elon burner. An October article on Medium. Elon confirmed in 2023 that this is his alt in an X Space. With its most recent tweet on April 4, that account is still active today. Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen follows the @babysmurf9000 account, which exhibits far more typical Elon behavior.

@babysmurf9000 tweeted, “You are an idiot,” in response to Mark Cuban’s claim that X is “warm and welcoming.”. “.

The account responded to a BBC tweet about confusion surrounding policy changes regarding X’s tweet limit by saying, “BBC is dumber than a sack of bricks.”.

A president of Signature Bank seemed to be making fun of a Pride Council meeting on appropriate pronoun usage in another tweet from the purported alt account. According to the account, “His pronouns are Money/Gone.”.

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