I was able to trick my brain into running

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It’s common knowledge in my household that Monday at 5:55 a.m. is the worst time of the week.
That’s because Monday is a running day, and I hate running.
In elementary school, I dreaded the mile run test and was always in the back with my fellow gym class rejects.
I’m 6 feet 7 inches tall and overly leggy, with knees that wobble in six different directions when I run.
And yet, it’s crucial — especially in middle age — to challenge one’s body with a little intense exercise every week.
After years of tinkering with ways to start running, I have finally come up with a three-part recipe for learning to tolerate this horrible form of exercise.
If your only exercise is running and, like me, you hate it, you won’t stick with it.
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Everyone in my family knows that on Monday at 5:55 a.m. M. This is the week’s worst time. I detest running, which is why Monday is a running day.

Running has never appealed to me. I always sat in the back with the other gym class rejects during the mile run test in elementary school because I detested it. I was the only baseball player in college who could convert a double into a single.

I have excessive lethargy, standing six feet seven inches tall, and my knees wobble in six different directions when I run. However, it’s imperative to push your body with a little intense exercise each week, especially as you get older.

My ceilings are too low for trampolines, I don’t have access to a lake or pool, and doing multiple HIIT workouts a week gets monotonous very fast. While I’m distracted by the beautiful scenery, running provides intensity. Furthermore, I feel fantastic 20 minutes later.

I’ve spent years trying different approaches to getting people to start running, and now I have figured out a three-step plan for getting over this terrible kind of exercise.

However, make sure you are having fun with your movements on other days before you begin. If all you do for exercise is run, and you detest it as much as I do, you will not persevere. If walking is more your style, go for a swim. It gives me genuine joy to use my battle ropes, pull-up bar, and kickboxing dummy. Don’t make every exercise session a drag.

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