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Such is life when you’re the hottest coach in the sport and the Kentucky job unexpectedly becomes available on the eve of the championship game.
“I don’t think that’s on my mind,” Hurley told The Athletic.
When asked more directly if there was any way he’d entertain the Kentucky job, Hurley responded: “No way.” Hurley added that one reason he’d never go is because he’s not going to drag his wife even farther from New Jersey.
“So I think UConn is a pretty good job and Dan’s doing an unbelievable job.
Kentucky athletic director Mitch Barnhart needs to take big swings, and Hurley might be the biggest swing.
And I was recruited by Kentucky, so Kentucky and Connecticut have always been programs that sort of paralleled themselves.
Success is different at Kentucky, and that’s what Kentucky needs to look for: somebody that can build there in Kentucky.
But this is UConn, this is Storrs, and Danny Hurley is our guy.” Required reading Kentucky’s John Calipari, Arkansas nearing massive deal for head-coaching job: Sources Kentucky and John Calipari were stuck.


Arizona’s Glendale. — On Monday night, Dan Hurley achieved a unique feat: he became the third men’s college basketball coach to win the title twice after the UCLA dynasty of John Wooden ended in the 1970s. After Connecticut defeated Purdue 75-60 to win the NCAA Tournament by double digits for the 12th time in a row, Hurley was able to join another exclusive group of coaches who had won it all. They had to face the prospect of Hurley leaving to join another team. That’s the life you lead when you’re the sport’s most desirable coach and, on the eve of the championship game, the Kentucky position suddenly opens up.

Hurley told The Athletic, “I don’t think that’s on my mind.”. Hurley said, “No way,” in response to a more direct question about whether he would consider taking the Kentucky position. “.

Hurley went on to say that he wouldn’t drag his wife any further away from New Jersey, which is one reason he would never go.

“Right now, I can’t afford a divorce. I have recently begun to earn money. “.

After the program did its best to stay in contention to win titles, David Benedict, the athletic director at UConn, stated to The Athletic on Monday night following the championship game. “.

“The market is the market and Kentucky is obviously Kentucky, but as of the last time I looked, we had six national titles and had won the last two,” Benedict remarked. Dan is doing a fantastic job, and I believe UConn is doing a pretty good job overall.

Of course, we want him to stay with us for a very long time. UConn has a history of retaining coaches who have achieved Hall of Fame-caliber success for extended periods of time, such as Jim Calhoun and Geno Auriemma. They undoubtedly had many chances to leave, and we sincerely hope Dan does the same. “.

Hurley appears focused on winning more titles for Connecticut.

Hurley said, “A different location is the last thing I’m thinking about.”. “Although it’s difficult to do so in this era, we have the opportunity to go back-to-back right now. I’d like to have the opportunity to do it three times, you’re thinking to yourself as you gaze into that locker room. a dynasty in the present day. That’s what’s on my mind. “.

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How Connecticut became the least likely modern-day Camelot in college basketball.

Hall of Fame coach John Calipari stunned everyone late Sunday night by accepting the same position at Arkansas. Kentucky, an eight-time national champion and one of the two winningest programs in college basketball history, is suddenly in need of a new coach. Signing the contract in 2019, he had not advanced past the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament, despite being halfway through a 10-year, $86 million contract. Possessing all the accoutrements of a blue blood, the Wildcats are well-funded and eager to please their ardent and impatient fan base.

Hurley could be the biggest swing Mitch Barnhart, the athletic director of Kentucky, needs to make. He just made history as the first coach to win two titles in a row since Billy Donovan did so at Florida in 2006 and 2007. In 1991 and 1992, Mike Krzyzewski and Duke also made repeats. Hurley inked a new $62 million contract after winning his first championship the previous season. The deal pays him $5.35 million on average over the course of six years, with the final year paying $5.8 million. If a different university hires him after this season, UConn will be owed a $7.5 million buyout.

If money is important to Hurley, the school that was supposed to pay Calipari $9 million annually at the conclusion of his previous contract might easily outbid the Huskies given Connecticut’s precarious financial situation and Kentucky’s standing in the money-printing SEC.

“I won’t talk about that. There are numerous ways in which money plays a role, according to Benedict. It’s the tools and the assistance. These days, your chances of success are affected by NIL and a variety of other factors. To say that we haven’t been able to create a formula like that for Coach would be difficult. Even without Dan present, we have demonstrated our ability to succeed. Long-term goals are our focus. “.

During the late-night festivities on Monday, Ray Allen, a former star of UConn, also had some advice for Kentucky.

In an interview with The Athletic, Allen said, “I don’t know anybody who could be in a greater situation right now.”. He’s made an amazing name for himself in Connecticut in just six years. This is an amazing chance. Kentucky recruited me, so there has always been a kind of parallel relationship between both programs. We have Hurley, though.

Additionally, he has received love and support from the people of Connecticut. What’s interesting is that Storrs and the kids you get here are the reason success exists here. Success is different in Kentucky, so the state needs to find someone who can build there as well. However, this is Storrs, this is UConn, and Danny Hurley is our man. “.

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