Eleanor Coppola passed away at the age of 87

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Eleanor Coppola, a documentary filmmaker and artist who called herself “an observer at heart” — a description borne out through works chronicling the cinematic triumphs and ordeals of her husband, Francis Ford Coppola, and their daughter, Sofia Coppola — died on Friday at her home in Rutherford, Calif. She was 87.
Her family announced the death in a statement, which did not state a cause.
He came close to going broke as the movie, its roots in Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness,” ran way over budget and over schedule.
Filming was slowed by steady rains on location in the Philippines, which served as a stand-in for Vietnam.
Marlon Brando was overweight and underprepared for his role as a deranged Green Beret colonel.
To top it all off, the film’s principal actor, Martin Sheen, had a heart attack during the shooting.
As for the Coppolas, they careened toward divorce, a marital collapse set in motion largely by his sexual infidelities and frequent tantrums on and off the movie set.
“My greatest fear,” his wife captured him on tape as saying, “is to make a really pompous film on an important subject, and I am making it.”


The documentary filmmaker and artist Eleanor Coppola, who described herself as “an observer at heart” and whose works documented the triumphs and tragedies of her husband Francis Ford Coppola and their daughter Sofia Coppola in the film industry, passed away on Friday at her Rutherford, California, home. She had been 87 years old.

Her cause of death was not stated in the statement her family released to announce her death.

Miss. Coppola’s career as a documentarian started when her husband asked her to document the making of “Apocalypse Now,” his 1979 critique of the Vietnam War that took so long to complete that people started referring to it as “Apocalypse Never.”. Because of the success of his first two “Godfather” films, Mr. Coppola had already achieved stardom in Hollywood. But he faltered when it came to “Apocalypse Now.”.

He almost lost everything because the film, which took inspiration from Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness,” went far beyond its budget and beyond its original schedule. Constant rain on the Philippines set, which acted as a stand-in for Vietnam, slowed down filming. Movie sets were destroyed by a typhoon. A large portion of the script was written spontaneously. Being a psychotic Green Beret colonel, Marlon Brando was ill-prepared and overweight for the part. Moreover, during the film’s production, Martin Sheen, who plays the lead role, suffered a heart attack.

In terms of the Coppolas, their marriage collapsed due primarily to his extramarital affairs and frequent outbursts both on and off the set. “I am making a really pompous film on an important subject, and that is my greatest fear,” his wife caught him saying on camera. “.

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