A woman claims she was directed by God to shoot cars on I-10 in Florida during the eclipse

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Monday, Florida Highway Patrol took a 22-year-old woman from Georgia into custody after they said she shot at cars on Interstate 10 in Florida’s pandhandle.
The woman had recently checked out of a local hotel and told the staff she was going on a shooting spree, directed by “God” in relation to the solar eclipse.
FHP REPORT: Florida Highway Patrol Troopers responded to a report of an active shooter in Holmes County.
The suspect, driving a purple Dodge Challenger with Georgia plates, entered Interstate 10 (I-10) at the 112-mile marker and traveled westbound.
Within 5 miles of entering the interstate, the suspect fired multiple shots into another vehicle traveling along the interstate, striking the passing car multiple times.
Continuing westbound on I-10, the suspect shot at another vehicle near the 107- mile marker, hitting the driver in the neck.
Responding Troopers located the suspect near the 96- mile marker and conducted a felony traffic stop.
After the suspect was taken into custody, troopers recovered an AR-15 and a 9mm handgun within the purple Challenger.


A 22-year-old Georgian woman was taken into custody by the Florida Highway Patrol on Monday after it was reported that she had fired shots at vehicles on Interstate 10 in the Florida panhandle.

Following her check-out from a nearby hotel, the woman informed the staff that “God” was ordering her on a shooting rampage in observance of the solar eclipse.

See how they apprehended her by reading the FHP report that is provided below.


When someone reported that there was an active shooter in Holmes County, Florida Highway Patrol troopers were called. The suspect was allegedly a woman who had just checked out of a nearby hotel, telling the staff that “God” was ordering her to go on a shooting rampage because of the solar eclipse.

Upon entering Interstate 10 (I-10) at the 112-mile marker, the suspect drove westward in a purple Dodge Challenger with Georgia plates.

The suspect fired several shots at a passing car traveling along the interstate, striking it several times, not even five miles after entering the highway.

The driver was struck by glass fragments from the window and grazed on the arm by a bullet; however, he was able to steer his vehicle onto the shoulder of the road, away from the suspect.

As they continued west on I-10, the suspect fired at another car close to the 107-mile marker, striking the driver in the neck. After being transported to a nearby hospital, the victim is now getting medical attention.

After locating the suspect close to the 96-mile marker, responding troopers carried out a felony traffic stop. A 9mm handgun and an AR-15 were found inside the purple Challenger by troopers after the suspect was apprehended.

Following her peaceful arrest, the suspect, Taylon Nichelle Celestine, 22, of Georgia, was taken to the Holmes County Jail and charged with the following offenses.

attempt to commit murder.

Serious Battery Using a Lethal Weapon.

inappropriate Use of a Firearm.

The investigation is being carried out by the Florida Highway Patrol Bureau of Investigations and Intelligence (BCII) and is currently ongoing.

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