A portion of Highway 1 is close to collapse due to a new landslide


Following the fatal fight, one of the suspects charged with the fatal beating death of an adolescent at a Halloween party last year allegedly boasted about being “too strong” in Snapchat messages.
Two days after the beating in Gilbert, Arizona, in October 2023, 16-year-old Preston Lord passed away from a brain injury. Talan Renner, 17, and six other suspects were taken into custody.
According to AZFamily, police claim that among the Snapchats that contributed to the arrests were the unsettling messages that Renner and his friends exchanged. These messages have now been made public through court filings.
A digital trail of evidence, comprising texts, phone calls, images, videos, and Snapchats from the time, was included in the 1,100-page police report that was made public on March 28.
Renner wrote, “I got into a fight, a big group fight, and I accidentally killed a kid,” in one of the messages.
Maybe I’m just too powerful. According to police, the messages and Snapchats create a timeline that details each person’s actions during the fight as well as the events that transpired in the days that followed before they were apprehended.
Treston Billey, Talyn Vigil, Jacob Meisner, William Owen Hines, Taylor Sherman, Dominic Turner, and Renner were among those detained as well.
They’ve all entered not guilty pleas.
After Lord was killed, Renner allegedly boasted to Sherman, texting him, “I might have hospitalized that kid,” according to the documents.
I gave him a fairly forceful blow. The message that was sent also mentioned Treston Billey and said, “Tresty or Talan might be getting charged with murder.”.
Documents state that shortly after the beating, one unidentified adolescent danced on the Lord’s body, and others imitated rape acts and engaged in “humping.”.
The report also disclosed that Renner boasted to his football team and showed them the videos he had taken of the attack on his cellphone.
Investigators surmise that “D Money,” who subsequently revealed himself as Dominic Turner, tore off the gold chain, which precipitated the fight.
One of Lord’s pals “had a chain with a medallion on it that was taken from him,” County Attorney Rachel Mitchell revealed to the Arizona Republic. Ms. Mitchell said that when Lord and his unnamed companion attempted to reclaim the necklace, there was a chase and altercation.
The teenager ended up lying down by the side of the road.
The arrests come after a series of violent attacks by a group known as the “Gilbert Goons” on young people in parks, parking garages, parties, and fast-food restaurants. Residents of Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, and other Phoenix suburbs have protested against what they see as an increase in violence by holding vigils and demonstrations.

Famous California Highway 1 closed a quarter of a mile on Saturday between Big Sur and Carmel-by-the-Sea after part of the southbound lane collapsed into the ocean.

The California Department of Transportation announced on social media that Highway 1 is closed indefinitely from Palo Colorado Road to Rocky Creek Bridge. Pictures of the closed area appeared on Big Sur local Kate Woods Novoa’s blog. They revealed a sizable portion missing from the side of the road, giving the impression that something hungry had eaten through the asphalt.

For the adored but unstable highway, this is just the most recent setback. After last year’s exceptionally wet winter caused landslides that resulted in the closure of a 12-mile stretch of the Big Sur coastline, the region is still recovering.

Regent’s Slide is a huge mound of earth and muck that blocks the road close to milepost 27.8, and Caltrans just last week announced that it had completed its design plan for repairs.

According to a statement from Caltrans, the design still needs to go through the approval process, which should take around 30 days. The agency stated that once work starts, it will likely take 100 days to finish the project and reopen the highway.

Following fresh slide activity close to Alder Creek on Friday night, Caltrans announced on social media that the closed section had been temporarily extended an additional 22 miles south to Ragged Point. On Saturday morning the road was reopened after the area had been cleared.

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However, on Saturday afternoon, landslide activity momentarily extended the closure more than thirty miles north, completely cutting off outside access to Big Sur. Caltrans reopened the road from Rocky Creek Bridge to just north of Dolan Creek Bridge after evaluating the damage.

Of the several landslides in the Big Sur region caused by the atmospheric rivers of last winter, Regent’s Slide is the biggest. During repairs, Caltrans estimates that about 300,000 cubic yards of dirt, rock, and other debris will be removed from the Regent’s Slide site.

By comparison, an average of 30,000 cubic yards of material were deposited by landslides at Dani Creek, Gilbert’s, and Mill Creek.

If conditions permit, workers will begin setting up the space for staging machinery this week.

The agency stated that “mobilizing equipment in and out of the project area will be challenging due to the steepness of the slope and the limited access to the site.”. It will take drier conditions at the site before full repair production can start, both for safety reasons and to promote efficient productivity. “.

The three distinct slide sites on the closed section of road are Paul’s Slide at milepost 22, Regent’s Slide, and the Dolan Point Slide at milepost 29point 5.

By May 1, according to Caltrans, Dolan Point repairs should be finished. Work at Paul’s Slide, where in January 2023 a landslide covered a 2-mile stretch of Highway 1 with mud and debris, is anticipated to be completed by late spring.

Rainfall that has continued and the resulting changes in the soil have impeded recovery. Last year, a second landslide in the same area caused further delays just as Caltrans was about to start cleanup at Paul’s Slide.

Public information officer for District 5 for Caltrans Jim Shivers told The Times last year, “We had a plan, and then things kept moving.”. “.

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