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Independent presidential candidate Cornel West announced fellow academic Melina Abdullah as his vice presidential nominee in an interview Wednesday on “The Tavis Smiley Show.” “She has a record of deep commitment and investment in ensuring that poor and working people are at the center of her vision,” West said of his running mate.
“I think that both of us want to disrupt the narrative that you have only two choices,” Abdullah said.
We can be expansive and imaginative.” Abdullah, who was raised Baptist, said she believes her religious background ties into the core themes of West’s campaign.
A contrast with Biden West’s choice of a Muslim running mate accentuates his push to appeal to Muslim American voters who are dissatisfied with Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war.
“Despite Cornel West announcing a running mate, our view remains the same: only two candidates have a path to 270 electoral votes, President Biden and Donald Trump,” DNC spokesperson Matt Corridoni told CNN in a statement.
“That said, Black Lives Matter does not endorse candidates, right?
So Black Lives Matter will not be endorsing me.
People within Black Lives Matter, my prayer and hope is that they’ll come with us.


In an interview on “The Tavis Smiley Show” on Wednesday, independent presidential candidate Cornel West named fellow scholar Melina Abdullah as his vice presidential choice. “.

West described his running mate as having “a record of deep commitment and investment in ensuring that poor and working people are at the center of her vision.”. “My goal was to run alongside someone who would make Martin Luther King Jr. and Fannie Lou Hamer smile.”. straight out of the dead. “.

Black woman Muslim Abdullah was chosen by West to join the Black Lives Matter Grassroots board of directors, which may help him reach out to more Black and Muslim Americans who are fed up with President Joe Biden.

Professor Abdullah, who specializes in pan-African studies at California State University, Los Angeles, expressed her excitement about joining West’s campaign and her attraction to his message of “truth, love, and justice.”. ”.

“I think (West), and I think a lot of us think he’s one of the smartest people on the planet, so I’ve been following him and had been really excited about his candidacy,” Abdullah declared on Smiley’s show not long after West’s running mate was revealed.

“My heart just soared,” she remarked, “when he and his wife, Annahita, asked.”. I replied, “Yes,” right away. Yes, like, yelled. ‘”.

Abdullah expressed her hope that by joining West’s campaign and forming a ticket with two other Black people, more voters would be inspired to think about other options for political leadership.

Abdullah stated, “I believe we both want to challenge the idea that there are only two options.”. The outside world tries to convince us that we must adhere to certain beliefs that we don’t have to. We have the capacity for creativity and expansion. “.

Raised as a Baptist, Abdullah said she felt her faith connected to the central ideas of West’s campaign.

“The desires of people of faith are universal. Truth, love, justice, and peace are what we seek, the woman declared.

In comparison to Biden.

West is attempting to win over Muslim American voters who are angry with Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict, and his selection of a Muslim running mate underscores this position. West has frequently met with pro-Palestinian activists around the nation, including in Michigan, a state known for its military prowess, and he frequently refers to Israel’s actions in Gaza as “genocidal.”. “.

West contrasted himself and Abdullah with Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, citing the recent police shooting of Dexter Reed in Chicago and the Israel-Hamas conflict.

In order to conceal the crimes, Biden and Harris are currently connected to vile forms of deception. Lloyd Austin recently stated that there isn’t a genocide occurring, West remarked. It’s untrue. In regards to Chicago’s South Side, this is also true. The police will undoubtedly argue that no legal violations occurred. No, that’s a lie that hides crimes. We are over lies. We’re over the crime. “.

Following West’s announcement as vice presidential, a spokesman for the Democratic National Committee dismissed his chances of winning.

DNC spokesman Matt Corridoni told CNN in a statement that “despite Cornel West announcing a running mate, our view remains the same: only two candidates have a path to 270 electoral votes, President Biden and Donald Trump.”. “Because of the high stakes and the likelihood of a close election, supporting any third-party candidate equates to supporting Donald Trump.”. “.

Before receiving a Ph.D., Abdullah received a degree in African American Studies from Howard University. C. said that she “will never step away from” Black Lives Matter Grassroots, a division of the movement that aids in the formation of local Black Lives Matter groups across the nation. She holds a degree in political science from the University of Southern California. She expressed her hope that the organization’s members would back West’s campaign.

“I won’t ever turn back from that. I will never back down from my position that we need to work toward Black freedom and put an end to state-sanctioned violence against Black people,” she declared. Having said that, Black Lives Matter does not support politicians, so I’m not getting their endorsement. My hope and prayer is that Black Lives Matter members will accompany us. But the agenda, the Black Lives Matter agenda of ending state-sanctioned violence, of building a world where our children and our people can live and walk freely, comes with me into this race. “.

Abdullah played down worries that West’s affiliation with Black Lives Matter would harm her campaign, pointing out that her background in founding regional chapters across the nation might work to her favor.

“I believe that while some may view it as baggage, I see the organizing process and the authenticity of our work as what really drives this campaign,” the woman remarked. I have extensive experience organizing. We will therefore bring both those skill sets and that vision. “.

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