The global opening of Inside Out 2 is expected to be $135 million

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Inside Out 2 also will rep the biggest post-Covid opening for a Disney animated movie, with many of its films lacking the wattage of pre-pandemic times.
Disney/Pixar’s Lightyear became its best post-Covid domestic opening at $50M — and that was considered to be a total misfire for the Toy Story franchise.
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When it comes to animated movies, typically they derive 15%-25% from walk-up business versus a Marvel movie, which can account for as much as 30% in a given opening weekend.
Moms, fathers and young girls are the key draw for Inside Out 2 over Father’s Day weekend, a big moviegoing frame.
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This weekend’s opening on IO2 should see a Top 5 mix of UK, Korea, Germany, Mexico and Australia.


Following Sony’s Bad Boys: Ride or Die’s underwhelming debut, the summer movie scene is heating up with Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out 2, which is expected to make $85 million in its domestic opening and an additional $50 million overseas for a $135 million global release.

With a domestic opening of $82 million, Legendary/Warner Bros.’ Dune: Part Two is the biggest 2024 opening to date. Meanwhile, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, a joint venture between the two studios, has the largest worldwide debut for a Hollywood film this year, taking home $194 million.

With many of its films lacking the wattage of pre-pandemic times, Inside Out 2 will also mark the largest post-Covid opening for a Disney animated picture. At $50 million, Disney/Pixar’s Lightyear achieved its best domestic opening since COVID-19, although many people thought the Toy Story franchise had failed miserably.

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There are numerous theories suggesting that Disney+ has taken away family viewers. Inside Out 2 will be another test, but it’s safe to say that Disney currently has some of the longest theatrical windows of any studio, with about 60 days for electronic digital and an additional 80–90 days for Disney+. This extends even to box office failures. One of the shorter 45-day digital release windows for 20th Century Studios was The Haunting of Venice.

It is clear from Bad Boys: Ride or Die smashing past its $40M+ projections to a $56.5M start that diverse audiences are an absolute key to success in this marketplace. With $22M–$25M, the second weekend of the Will Smith–Martin Lawrence movie is predicted to decline by 55–60%. Animated films usually receive between 15 and 25 percent of their revenue from walk-ups, while Marvel films can receive up to 30 percent of their revenue on opening weekends.

Fathers, mothers, and young girls are Inside Out 2’s main target audience during Father’s Day weekend, a popular moviegoing period. Within the U. S. and Canada, 4,300 locations are scheduled to host the Pixar sequel directed by Kelsey Mann, featuring premium tickets from Dolby, Imax, PLFs, and D-box screens. at 3 p.m. for the previews. m. This Thursday. Inside Out’s first installment debuted in 2015 with a robust $90,04 million and eventually grossed $356,09 million domestically and $858,08 million worldwide. The show centers on a young girl battling her inner demons as she navigates her transitional years.

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There aren’t any Rotten Tomatoes reviews for Inside Out 2 yet. A CinemaScore, an audience score of 89 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and a certified fresh critical rating of 98 percent were awarded to the first film. Inside Out, which had voice acting from Amy Poehler, Lewis Black, Mindy Kaling, Bill Hader, and other actors, took home the Best Animated Feature Oscar. The Bear’s Tony Hale as Fear, Maya Hawke as Anxiety, and Emmy winner Ayo Edebiri as Evny are joining the sequel.

Inside Out 2 will be released internationally on Wednesday, starting in Germany and Korea and continuing to Australia, Mexico, and the UK on Friday. France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, and China will be absent this session and will return the following weekend. On August 1, Japan is observed.

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There are potential benefits to the worldwide opening. At today’s exchange rates, the original debuted in like-for-like markets for $49 million. But the dates for those releases were spaced out, ranging from June to early October (the previous release in Germany, for instance, happened on October 1).

Due to their close proximity to school holidays and the ensuing family travel, a few other European majors are not included in the opening suite of the sequel. Even though China didn’t rank in the Top 10 for the first film, this weekend is exam season, so moving IO2 to the next frame should improve positioning there even though the market is still erratic.

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The UK, Korea, Japan, Germany, and Mexico (at historical rates) were the top international final markets on Inside Out in 2015.

Australia, Mexico, Korea, UK, and Germany should make up the Top 5 in this weekend’s IO2 opening. Though we’ve heard that tracking is encouraging, Korea will be interesting to watch as the market is still difficult to predict.

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