The box office for Bad Boys: Ride Or Die was $5.9 million

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Sony‘s R-rated Bad Boys: Ride or Die did $5.875M yesterday at previews that began at 3PM, an amount of cash, which actually is only 8% off from the previews of the franchise’s previous long-awaited threequel, 2020’s Bad Boys for Life, which did $6.36M.
Demos, which change throughout the weekend, were 36% Black, 29% Hispanic and Latino, 20% Caucasian, 10% Asian, and 4% other.
If all goes well, Bad Boys: Ride or Die winds up north of $40M.
Garfield Movie (Sony) 4,108 theaters Thu $1.5M (-7% from Wed), Wk $21M, Total $58.6M/Wk 2 2.)
IF (Par) 3,783 theaters, Thu $1.2M (-7%), Wk $15.9M, Total $85.5M/Wk 3 3.)
Furiosa (WB) 3,864 theaters, Thu $730K (-38%), Wk $15.5M, Total $54.4M/Wk 2 4.)
Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (20th) 3,450 theaters, Thu $825K (-18%), Wk $13.1M, Total $144.3M/Wk 4 5.)
Fall Guy (Uni) 2,826 theaters Thu $437K (-17%), Wk $6.3M, Total $82.4M/Wk 5


In previews that started at 3 PM yesterday, Sony’s R-rated Bad Boys: Ride or Die brought in $5.875 million. This amount of money is actually just 8% less than what was brought in for the first preview of the highly anticipated 2020 film Bad Boys for Life. Bad Boys: Ride or Die is off to a great start as it enters a market that has been troubled by the lack of movie inventory from the strikes and the lack of widely appealing films, aside from Disney/20th Century Studios’ Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (which recently passed $144,3 million). Last night’s screening of the Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reteam received five stars and an 88 percent positive rating on Screen Engine/Comscore’s PostTrak, while Rotten Tomatoes’ audience score is currently at 97 percent.

Black people made up 36% of the demos, followed by Hispanic and Latino people (29%), Caucasians (20%), Asians (10%), and others 4%. The numbers fluctuate throughout the weekend. With 40% of the population over 25, men outnumbered women (38%).

With a $23 million opening day, Bad Boys: Ride or Die went on to become the franchise’s best-ever with a $32 million opening day and a $73 million fourth day. However, it should be noted that the threequel was trying to recover from a 17-year break between sequels, and it was also MLK weekend. With luck, Bad Boys: Ride or Die makes more than $40 million.

Previews of $1 million are being shown at 3,000 locations for New Line’s PG-13 rated film The Watchers, which marks Ishana Shyamalan’s feature directorial debut. That Thursday-night sum of money is comparable to Abigail at Universal. In addition to the negative reviews, which account for 29% of Rotten ratings, the PostTrak exits were rated poorly, with 52% of them positive and a star and a half. Whoa. This is the case despite a fairly equal turnout across all age groups, with twenty percent of women over 25 and thirty percent of men under 25. The $8 million to $10 million estimate for this film before the weekend began. Off an 85% Rotten Tomatoes audience score, Abigail debuted to $10.2M.

Below is how the remainder of Thursday unfolded:.

1. ) Garfield Movie (Sony) 4,108 theaters Thu $1.5M (-7 percent from Wed), Wk $21M, Total $58.6M/Month 2.

2. If (Par) 3,783 theaters, Thursday $1.02 million (-7 percent), Week $15.09 million, and Total $85.05 million/Week 3.

Three. (WB) Furiosa 3,864 theaters, Thursday $730K (-38%), Week $15.5M, Total $54.4M/Week 2.

4. ) Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (20th) 3,450 theaters, Thurs. $825K (-18%), Wk. $13.1M, Total $144.3M/Wk 4.

5. Fall Guy (Uni) 2,826 theaters Thu $437K (-17 percent), Wk $6.3M, Total $82.4M/Wk 5.

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