Taylor Swift wore Kansas City Chiefs colors at the Paris Eras show


Taylor Swift had the perfect outfit for her final Eras Tour show in Paris, considering who was in the audience.
The pop star appeared in Kansas City Chiefs colors for the 1989 set of her performance Sunday (May 12), and tight end Travis Kelce adorably jammed out to his superstar girlfriend’s show from the crowd at La Defense Arena.
The tribute to Chiefs Kingdom came midway through the Eras setlist, with Swift taking the stage in a sparkly gold crop top and red skirt to sing “Style,” “Blank Space” and more hits from her fifth studio album.
On her left foot, she wore a yellow bootie, and on the right, an orange bootie.
This time, it was the New Heights podcaster’s turn to support Swift from the stands at La Defense, where he enjoyed the show alongside Gigi Hadid, Bradley Cooper and Lenny Kravitz.
Following the 1989 set, Swift performed a series of songs from The Tortured Poets Department for just the fourth time so far.
Fan videos captured Kelce smiling and dancing along to “So High School,” which many think the singer wrote about the athlete.
During the number, she and her dancers swag surf as part of the choreography, a sweet tribute to Chiefs Kingdom.


Considering who was in the audience, Taylor Swift’s final Eras Tour show in Paris was appropriately attired. On Sunday, May 12, the pop sensation made an appearance wearing the Kansas City Chiefs’ uniform for her 1989 set. In front of the crowd at La Defense Arena, tight end Travis Kelce affectionately jammed out to his superstar girlfriend’s performance.

Midway through the Eras setlist, Swift paid homage to Chiefs Kingdom by taking the stage wearing a sparkly gold crop top and a red skirt. She sang songs like “Style,” “Blank Space,” and other hits from her fifth studio album. She had an orange bootie on her right foot and a yellow bootie on her left.

Swift has worn the team’s official colors before; during the 2023–24 season, right up until the Super Bowl in February, when Kelce and the Chiefs won their second consecutive Lombardi Trophy, she frequently wore red and gold ensembles to Arrowhead Stadium games. This time, the New Heights podcaster took to the bleachers at La Defense to cheer on Swift from the stands, where he was joined by Lenny Kravitz, Bradley Cooper, and Gigi Hadid.

Swift sang several songs from The Tortured Poets Department for just her fourth performance of the album after her 1989 set. Videos posted by fans showed Kelce grinning and grooving to the song “So High School,” which many believe the singer wrote specifically for the athlete. As a charming homage to Chiefs Kingdom, she and her dancers perform a swagger surf routine during the number.

Later, as a surprise, Swift performed “The Alchemy,” a Tortured Poets song thought to be about Kelce, which she mixed with Red’s “Treacherous.”. The Ohio native swayed and gestured affectionately at the 14-time Grammy winner with her hand as she strummed the guitar.

Swift’s next gig is scheduled for May 17–19 at Friends Arena in Stockholm. Following that, she will spend the summer touring Spain, Scotland, Ireland, and other European cities before heading back to the U.S. S. Oct. The performer announced on Sunday, May 12, on Instagram that she will be performing the Tortured Poets set in the show for the duration of the Eras tour. She wrote, “I’m SO fired up to play this for every crowd on the tour.”. “.

See a picture of Swift dressed like a Chiefs fan below, along with videos showing Kelce having a good time.

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