She thinks her mom blocked her number because she thought she was doing crazy things

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Wynonna Judd’s daughter says her famous mom won’t take her calls.
“I think she’s blocked my number,” Grace Kelley told The Post during an exclusive phone interview from jail.
Kelley, 27, is cooling her heels in Alabama’s Elmore County Jail after being arrested April 5 for indecent exposure.
“My mom, she thinks I’m on drugs, right?
My mom won’t listen to me, she won’t believe me.
She thinks I’m out here doing crazy s–t.” Kelley, who said she lives “here, there and everywhere,” is being held on a $2,000 cash bail.
When I go to court, all this sh-t will be dropped.” On her third day in jail, Kelley was hit with the soliciting prostitution charge, according to jail records.
Kelley — Judd’s daughter with businessman Arch Kelley III, her first husband — has a history of trouble with the law.


The famous Wynonna Judd’s daughter claims that her mother won’t answer her calls.

In a phone interview that was conducted exclusively from jail, Grace Kelley told The Post, “I think she blocked my number.”.

The 27-year-old Kelley is currently being held in the Elmore County Jail in Alabama following her arrest on April 5th for indecent exposure.

Based on jail records, she was hit with another soliciting prostitution this week.

“My mom wants me to go to rehab because she believes that I’m using drugs. However, I took and passed a drug test when I was booked into jail. I don’t take drugs. My mother will not believe me and will not listen to me. She feels that I’m acting strangely when I’m outside. “.

With a $2,000 cash bond, Kelley, who claimed to live “here, there, and everywhere,” is being held.

She said that she hasn’t heard from any of her well-known relatives, such as her brother Elijah, a “game warden in the state of Tennessee,” or her actress aunt Ashley Judd.

She questions whether her bad luck was influenced by her grandmother Naomi Judd’s suicide in 2022.

“My grandmother may have cursed me when she shot herself, but I’m not sure.”.

On the side of the road in the Millbrook, Montgomery, suburb, police claimed to have seen Kelley holding a sign that read, “Ride for a Ride.”.

“I was acting sincere in my actions. I literally had a sign that said, ‘Help me with my ride,'” urged Kelley.

She said, “I gave them all my information,” when the Millbrook Police Department officers first approached her. “I am not doing anything improper,” I said to myself. Drugs are not something I am carrying. ‘”.

She heard sirens as she moved across the street and away from the police.

“I was told to get on my f–king knees . by the officer who pulled up. I’m going to keep walking that way because I have a right to travel, so I get on my knees and spread my wrists,” she recalled.

“I’m going to take you to f–king jail if you walk that way,” he said. ‘”.

She claimed that the first accusation against her was criminal impersonation.

I told him, ‘I hope your body camera is working, because I just gave you all the right information, and I’m going to have your ass in f–king court.'”. “.

She says that after her identity was established, the charges against her were reclassified to disorderly conduct and obstructing government operations.

That was just the start of the nightmare, she claimed.

“They treated me badly, strapping me down in a chair so that my skin literally broke.”. I spent three days strapped to a chair in a padded room with a hole in the floor, and the lights were turned off. No toilet, no water, nothing at all,” she asserted.

“They restrained me so tightly that my wrists are literally scabbed over from the chair because I was basically swearing at them and telling them to go to hell because they had no right to arrest me.”. All of this stuff will be dropped when I go to court. “.

Kelley was charged with soliciting prostitution on her third day of incarceration, according to jail records.

She insisted that she had never worn impolite clothing.

“Well, I was wearing a bra, and I had a sports bra on top of that. I was wearing a T-shirt on top of that,” she remarked. Some women jog every morning wearing nothing but sports bras.

I had panties—real underwear, not a thong—on my lower body in addition to a skirt. It showed no nipple. A vagina was not visible. There was nothing revealed. “.

Because of her lineage, she feels that the authorities are treating her differently.

I feel like my family is trying to throw the book at me because of who they are, which is either a blessing or a curse. It’s as if I should do everything in my power to make your life miserable. “”.

Requests for comment from the Millbrook Police Department were not answered.

Kelley has a criminal record. She is Judd’s daughter from her first marriage to businessman Arch Kelley III.

She was taken into custody in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2015. later admitted to having meth in his possession.

She was given an eight-year prison term after leaving her court-mandated treatment program, but she was given a temporary reprieve so she could welcome her daughter Kaliyah Chanel in March 2022.

After being freed in December 2022, she was arrested once more in May 2023 for breaking her parole and an order of protection.

“I just flattened an eight-year sentence, so I’m trying to get back on my feet, but I have no help from family. Nobody is helping me, she said to The Post.

I’m attempting to do it correctly as well. I’m making an effort not to sell drugs. I’m attempting to keep myself humble. However, what do you do when you’re alone?”.

Saying, “I’m innocent,” she responded when asked what she would like to say to Wynonna if she could. “.

Messages requesting comment from Wynonna Judd were not returned.

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