On the last day of filming, Larry David tried to avoid all emotion

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Larry David marked the last day of shooting on Curb Your Enthusiasm in the most Larry David way possible — by awkwardly not responding as his coworkers lavished him with praise and quietly slinking away amidst an outpouring of emotion.
“Larry David has treated me like a God, and all of you have, and this is the greatest experience of my career, and I love each and every one of you,” Lewis said.
“I’m honored to be working with arguably the greatest sitcom writer of the last two centuries.” David’s response?
And before he could try to get away a second time, Cheryl Hines halted him in his tracks.
Holding back tears, Hines said, “I was thinking about you because my entire life changed when I met you.
And our crew, oh my God, thank you for everything.
Eventually, the Curb cast and crew finally got David to say something after presenting him with an end-of-show gift: A giant goofy portrait signed by everyone who’d worked on the show.
“Thank you guys, thank you, everyone,” David said, perhaps somewhat reluctantly.


In true Larry David fashion, he ended the final day of filming Curb Your Enthusiasm by silently withdrawing amid a flood of tears and awkwardly remaining silent while his colleagues showered him with praise.

After Sunday night’s season finale, producer/director Jeff Schaffer called wrap on “the funniest show ever” and Max shared a behind-the-scenes video of the final day on the Curb set. With cheers from the actors and crew, David got up from his makeshift seat and began to leave when the late Richard Lewis stood up to give him praise.

The best experience of Lewis’s career, she declared, “I love each and every one of you. Larry David has treated me like a God, and all of you have.”. Being collaborating with what is likely the best sitcom writer of the past 200 years is an honor. “.

To that, David nodded and gave a brief smile.

And before he could attempt to flee again, he was stopped in his tracks by Cheryl Hines. Hines, fighting back tears, remarked, “I was thinking about you because when I met you, my entire life changed. And, my goodness, we are so grateful to our crew for everything. I cherish you, Larry. “.

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David’s reaction was a shaky grimace and a leisurely retreat.

After giving David an end-of-show gift—a huge, absurd portrait signed by every cast member—the Curb crew and cast managed to persuade him to speak up. David said, maybe a little hesitantly, “Thank you guys, thank you, everyone.”. “It would have been much better if you could have taken me out of this somehow. “.

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