Jimmy Kimmel was urged not to name-drop Trump at the Oscars


During the 2024 Oscars Sunday, host Jimmy Kimmel, 56, made a joke about Donald Trump.
The former president wrote on the social media platform Truth Social, “Has there EVER been a WORSE HOST than Jimmy Kimmel at The Oscars.
Isn’t it past your jail time?”7 Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearney.
Getty Images for Apple TV+7 “Isn’t it past your jail time?” Jimmy Kimmel addressed Trump at the Oscars.
Zuffa LLC via Getty ImagesKimmel’s wife, Molly McNearney, 46, who was a co-executive producer on the telecast, told Variety, “I’m really not proud of this, but I tried to talk Jimmy out of reading that.
“I said, ‘Please don’t read this.’ “When Kimmel asked why, she told her comedian husband, “I don’t want to give Trump airtime in the Oscars.
REUTERS7 Kimmel’s producer wife nearly stopped his Trump joke.
Getty Images7 Kimmel doing a comedy bit with John Cena at the Oscars.
7 Kimmel made jokes about Trump, Hailey Bieber, and Bradley Cooper at the Oscars.
via REUTERS7 McNearney, Kimmel’s wife, said she’s “not proud” of nearly stopping his Trump joke at the Oscars.

She didn’t get her wish.

The 56-year-old host of the 2024 Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel, cracked a joke about Donald Trump.

Has there ever been a WORSE host at the Oscars than Jimmy Kimmel? the former president posted on the social media site Truth Social. He gave off the impression of a below-average person who is making an excessive effort to be someone he is not and never will be in his introduction. Get rid of Kimmel, and consider George Slopanopoulos, another cheap, washed-up ABC “talent,” to take his place. “.

Onstage at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” star read Trump’s post before snapping back, “I’m surprised you’re still [up].”. Isn’t your jail sentence over?

7 Molly McNearney and Jimmy Kimmel. Apple TV+ users can access Getty Images.

7 At the Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel asked Trump, “Isn’t it past your jail time?”. Zuffa LLC/Getty Images.

Molly McNearney, 46, Kimmel’s spouse and co-executive producer of the show, admitted to Variety that she attempted to dissuade Jimmy from reading the material.

She remarked, “I feel like my instincts are usually right, but I was totally off on that.”. “Please don’t read this,” I said. “.

“I don’t want to give Trump airtime in the Oscars,” she said in response to Kimmel’s question about why. She is a comedian. For once, we don’t need to discuss him. This night isn’t about him or politics, even though we talk about him every night. ‘”.

Because she thought “the show was going well” and didn’t want to “end it on a sour note,” McNearney also took “the risk” of mentioning Trump during the broadcast. “.

In a previous segment of his monologue, Kimmel made fun of celebrities like Robert Downey Jr. and Bradley Cooper while honoring the working-class people in Hollywood, including crew members. plus Hailey Bieber.

7. Kimmel was the Oscars host. Reuters.

7 The producer wife of Kimmel almost put an end to his Trump joke. Getty Photo.

7 Kimmel and John Cena performing a comedic skit at the Oscars. Disney Picture via Getty Images.

In his acknowledgement of the Teamsters and actors strike that concluded in November, Kimmel claimed that Hollywood isn’t “just a bunch of heavily Botoxed, Hailey Bieber smoothie-drinking, diabetes prescription-abusing, gluten-sensitive nepo babies with perpetually shivering Chihuahuas.”.

He declared, “This is a coalition of strong, hardworking, mentally tough American laborers.”. “There are women and men who would perish if we came into contact with a shovel’s handle at all. “.

Kimmel claims that producers at ABC also attempted to talk him out of making the Trump joke.

Kimmel cracked jokes at the Oscars about Bradley Cooper, Hailey Bieber, and Donald Trump. via the REUTERS.

7 Kimmel’s wife McNearney declared that she is “not proud” of him for almost pulling his Trump joke during the Oscars. Getty Photo.

“I’m reading the Trump tweet,” and they said, “No, no, don’t read that,” he said to Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos on Monday. “They’re like, ‘You’ve got a little bit of time.'”. “‘Yes, I am,’ I thought to myself. “.

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