Jelly Roll was the winner of the CMT Award

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Rising from the shadows to the spotlight, Jason Bradley DeFord, known as Jelly Roll, finds himself in awe of his meteoric rise within the country music industry.
Once a name few knew, Jelly Roll has now etched his mark in the country music scene by securing Grammy nominations, bagging multiple People’s Choice Awards, and earning three wins Sunday at the CMT Awards, including Video of the Year.
I am the most average guy ever,” Jelly Roll told Gayle King on “CBS Mornings” Monday, the day after his CMT wins.
His performance at the CMT Awards, electric and emotionally charged, left both the audience and Jelly Roll himself in awe of the moment’s intensity.
By the time he accepted his first award for performance of the year, Jelly Roll had been overcome with the magnitude of the moment.
I truly believe that I epitomize it as much as I can,” Jelly Roll said.
Fellow artists like Lainey Wilson and Cody Johnson are also making a name for themselves—with the support of Jelly Roll.
Jelly Roll will be busy this summer as he prepares to embark on his Beautifully Broken Tour.


Jason Bradley DeFord (also known as Jelly Roll) is amazed by his quick ascent to fame in the country music industry. Previously an obscure name, Jelly Roll has made a name for himself in the country music industry by winning three awards on Sunday at the CMT Awards, including Video of the Year, and receiving multiple nominations for Grammy Awards.

He has remained grounded despite his growing notoriety, which his followers have come to adore.

“I’m not the target of any of this. On Monday, the day following his CMT victories, Jelly Roll said to Gayle King on “CBS Mornings,” “I am the most average guy ever.”.

Jelly Roll was astounded by the intensity of the moment as the audience was after his electrifying and emotionally charged performance at the CMT Awards.

Feeling them, being able to speak, trying to speak directly, and pouring into someone’s living room—that kind of just gets me fired up, man. He said, “I believe it to be God.”.

Jelly Roll was emotional to the point of breakdown by the time he picked up his first performance of the year award.

“My emotions simply got the better of me. As soon as I considered the entire year, I started to cry. from that instant on,” he remarked. “What God can accomplish in a year is astounding. ****.

Jelly Roll spoke movingly about those in juvenile detention during his acceptance speech for Male Video of the Year. He drew on his own legal struggles in Tennessee, including arrests for possession of marijuana and an attempted robbery that resulted in stints in and out of jail.

“I just want them to know that you are capable of overcoming this. You should always remember that this is only a fleeting moment in time and that neither who you were nor who you are is set in stone. Changes are inevitable for all of us. Jelly Roll stated, “I genuinely think I represent it to the best of my ability.”.

Jelly Roll is unique in the industry because of his gritty, hip-hop-inspired country music and his distinctive tattoos, some of which he regrets hilariously. He’s not the only one giving country music a unique sound. With Jelly Roll’s help, other artists like Lainey Wilson and Cody Johnson are also becoming well-known.

“These people resemble my pals. “These are individuals who deeply invest in me,” he uttered.

Jelly Roll’s summer schedule is packed with events leading up to his Beautifully Broken Tour.

Looking forward to his first arena tour, which will take him to iconic locations like Madison sq\. Garden in New York City, Jelly Roll muses over how far his dreams have come and how far they still have to go. “My dream was not big enough. I have to set new goals now, and my dreams are bigger,” he remarked.

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