Despite a monster career, Jerry Seinfeld reveals darkening moods

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Not Jerry Seinfeld, who turned the big 7-0 on Monday.
JERRY SEINFELD RECALLS MOMENT CAST KNEW ‘SEINFELD’ WAS OVER: ‘SHOULDN’T PUSH OUR LUCK’ That lackadaisical, yet intentional attitude towards life’s daily wins and losses is exactly what has earned the stand-up comedian global recognition and massive success throughout his nearly 50-year-long career.
However, despite his many accolades and achievements, the New York City native – who is making his directorial debut in the upcoming Netflix film “Unfrosted” – recently admitted that he often wrestles with a “darkening mood.”
“Irrespective of circumstance, I just don’t feel good,” Seinfeld said during a recent appearance on “In Depth with Graham Bensinger.”
I get a darkening mood.
JERRY SEINFELD SAYS HE WOULD ‘FIX SOME THINGS’ IN ‘SEINFELD’ IF HE HAD A TIME MACHINE “Everything that you’re worried about is going to be gone like that,” he told Bensinger.
“I’m a very happy person hating everything throughout my entire life,” he told Jimmy Fallon during an appearance on “The Tonight Show” in March.
To quote the comedian himself from a 1993 episode of “Seinfeld”: “Birthdays are merely symbolic of how another year has gone by and how little we’ve grown.


Most people would view reaching 70 years old as a significant life milestone. Not Jerry Seinfeld, who on Monday won the big 7-0. In actuality, he is not at all interested in celebrating anything.

Last week, when he appeared on “Today with Hoda and Jenna,” he said of his birthday, “I don’t really have any interest in it” to Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb. “I could really live with a lot less stuff, you know what it is. ‘Objects, individuals, pursuits. I’ve stopped being idle. It’s time to essentialize. I enjoy simplifying, cleansing, and streamlining. It is not when more is added that life gets better. Lessen the addition. “.

Jerry Steinfeld recalls the moment the cast realized “Seinfeld” was over, saying, “We shouldn’t push our luck.”.

Over the course of his nearly 50-year career, the stand-up comedian has achieved enormous success and worldwide recognition precisely because of his carefree yet purposeful attitude toward life’s daily victories and defeats.

Even so, the New York City native—who will be directing his first feature film, “Unfrosted,” on Netflix—recently acknowledged that he struggles with a “darkening mood” on a regular basis. “.

Seinfeld recently stated, “I just don’t feel good, regardless of the circumstance,” on “In Depth with Graham Bensinger.”. I just don’t feel well sometimes. For me, working is the best way to escape it. The best remedy is to work. It’s because of . that I work so hard. You feel as though you’re not wasting time for whatever reason. ****.

“I came to understand that, even if I lost my inclination toward depression, I would never wish to be without the accompanying creative gift. That is a component of it. I think it’s an overactive brain. In my opinion, it is not true depression. What word is that, I’m not sure? dot . The tone becomes gloomier. I start to feel depressed. And I’m ready to leave,” he uttered.

Seinfeld has certainly kept himself busy, from his critically acclaimed hit TV shows “Seinfeld” and “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” (for which he received twenty Emmy nominations) to Comedy Central’s designation of him as the 12th greatest stand-up comedian of all time. However, he remains unimpressed.

Rather, he puts more of his attention on improving himself and tends to disregard the clamor from the outside world.

Jerry Seinfeld claims that if he had a time machine, he would “fix some things” in Seinfeld.

“That’s how everything you’re worried about is going to go,” he informed Bensinger. You will disappear, and the people who are criticizing you will also disappear. Time and energy are wasted worrying about things like “How are people viewing me” and “Someone said something bad about me,” and getting all worked up over them. “.

“The Roman philosopher Marcus Aurelius asserts that improving at what you do should be your primary goal. Pay attention to what you’re doing. Improve your work,” he continued. “There’s no point in wasting time on anything else. In approximately a month, my film will be released. Reading the worst reviews excites me much. “.”.

Aside from the odd “darkening mood,” Seinfeld, who has been married to Jessica for almost 25 years, and has three adult children, is generally happy with his life and himself.

During a March appearance on “The Tonight Show,” he told Jimmy Fallon, “I’m a very happy person hating everything throughout my entire life.”.

family getaways among them.

“I abhor it, dot. I still go because, really, what’s the difference between doing something I don’t like and not liking anything at all? “It’s hard on my wife,” he continued. When I’m having a rough day, she becomes agitated. Not at all, I say. It was going to be terrible, I knew. I do enjoy complaining, so that’s what I’ll do after that. I enjoy that. I enjoy voicing grievances. “.

Even though he doesn’t celebrate birthdays, reaching 70 is still a significant life achievement.

“Birthdays are merely symbolic of how another year has gone by and how little we’ve grown,” the comedian himself said in a 1993 “Seinfeld” episode. Despite our intense desire to believe that one day, as the candles on the cake flicker, a better version of ourselves will appear, we are aware that this is not going to happen. That this is who we will always be for the remainder of our depressing, miserable, and pitiful lives. Unavoidably and irreversibly. dot . Nothing like “happy birthday.”. “.

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