Daniel Radcliffe dislikes J.K. Rowling

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Daniel Radcliffe is continuing to condemn J.K. Rowling’s transphobic comments.
In an interview with the Atlantic published on April 30, the Merrily We Roll Along star said he has not directly spoken with Rowling since the Harry Potter author’s anti-trans tweets made her a vocal figure in TERF circles in June 2020.
“It makes me really sad, ultimately,” he said of Rowling’s heavily criticized views.
“Because I do look at the person that I met, the times that we met, and the books that she wrote, and the world that she created, and all of that is to me so deeply empathic.” The stage and screen actor immediately disavowed her comments at the time, reaffirming that “transgender women are women.” Radcliffe, a longtime supporter of the Trevor Project, a nonprofit advocating for the LGBTQ+ community, felt that ignoring Rowling’s transphobia would have been spineless.
“I wanted to try and help people that had been negatively affected by the comments,” he continued.
“And to say that if those are Jo’s views, then they are not the views of everybody associated with the Potter franchise.” Rowling, for her part, continues to share transphobic posts on X, including one from last month, in which she agreed with a user who said Rowling deserves apologies from Harry Potter cast members who criticized her.
Addressing Rowling’s latest rant in the Atlantic interview, Radcliffe put it plainly: “I will continue to support the rights of all LGBTQ people and have no further comment than that.”


Daniel Radcliffe is still criticizing J. K. remarking in a transphobic manner. The Merrily We Roll Along actress stated in an interview with the Atlantic that it hasn’t spoken with Rowling directly since June 2020, when the Harry Potter author became well-known in TERF circles due to her anti-trans tweets. The interview was published on April 30. Regarding Rowling’s widely disapproved opinions, he remarked, “It makes me really sad, eventually.”. “Because everything about her—the person I met, the times we spent together, the books she wrote, the world she created—makes me feel incredibly sympathetic. “Transgender women are women,” the stage and film actor reiterated, swiftly retracting her remarks from the previous day. “.

Being a devoted follower of the Trevor Project, a charity that supports the LGBTQ+ community, Radcliffe believed it would have been cowardly to ignore Rowling’s transphobia. He went on, “I wanted to try and help people that had been negatively affected by the comments.”. Furthermore, if those are Jo’s opinions, then not everyone connected to the Potter series holds those opinions. Rowling, on the other hand, keeps posting transphobic content on X. In a post from last month, she agreed with a user who suggested that Rowling should accept the criticism she received from the Harry Potter cast. In response to Rowling’s most recent outburst during the interview with the Atlantic, Radcliffe stated unequivocally, “I have no further comments, but I will continue to support the rights of all LGBTQ people. “.

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