One of the fastest road cars in the world has a 1,000-hp launch control button


CNN —Porsche today introduced the most powerful production, or mass-produced, car it has ever made.
The electric 1,093-horsepower Taycan Turbo GT, coming to market this summer, has already set two racetrack speed records for an electric car.
It even beat one set by a Tesla Model S by a gigantic 18 seconds.
High horsepower numbers and eye-popping acceleration are more common among electric cars than gasoline-powered ones, especially since EVs can have multiple motors.
Performance figures like these serve little practical value, of course.
It would be impossible to approach this car’s potential other than at a track and few would have the driving skills to do it.
This is about giving customers the ability to brag about what their car can, theoretically, do.
And, for Porsche, it’s about putting aside concerns about whether electric cars, with their heavy batteries and near silent operation, can be exciting as gas-powered cars, as regulatory pressure mounts to sell more EVs.
The Taycan Turbo GT set a world record lap time on Germany’s famous Nürburgring Nordschleife, a twisty, challenging track where automakers frequently test their most competitive sports cars.
The Nürburgring requires cars that are not only very fast and accelerate quickly but also corner well.
Setting a record there is something sports car manufacturers brag about; Porsche certainly will.
This Turbo GT, a new version of the electric Porsche Taycan, features two motors.
Together they can produce more than 1,000 horsepower.
This kind of high-horsepower EV experience won’t come cheaply, though.
The Porsche will cost around $230,000.
Most of the time, the Porsche Taycan Turbo GT has a maximum power output of 777 horsepower which, by any normal standards, is a lot.
However, it has a “launch control” button for maximum acceleration from a stop.
When pressed, power output can be increased briefly, reaching a maximum of 1,093 horsepower for a zero to sixty time of as little as 2.1 seconds.
How powerful is powerful?
By contrast, a standard gas-powered Porsche 911 Carrera produces 379 horsepower — and is still definitely fast.
A standard Toyota Prius, not especially fast, can put out 196 horsepower.
The new Porsche also has a special “Attack mode” that can be enabled, pushing power up to 937 horsepower but also making the car’s suspension firmer for better cornering.
“Attack mode” will only last for 10 seconds at a time, though.
Porsche reveals 1,000 horsepower electric car PorscheThese kinds of power levels can’t be maintained for long, a Porsche spokesperson said, because the necessary cooling for the motors and batteries, plus just the actual power output itself, would drain the batteries too quickly.
The previous record holder on the Nürburgring Nordschleife was the Tesla Model S Plaid Track Package.
(A $2.2 million Rimac Nevera electric supercar, which is not considered a regular production car, was two-tenths of a second faster than the Porsche.)
The lap time of the Taycan makes the Turbo GT the fastest four-door car, electric or not, on that track.
Porsche’s EVTaycan is a Turkish word loosely translated as “spirit of a colt.” The Taycan is usually a four-seat, four-door car and was Porsche’s first fully electric car when it was released in 2019.
(The German sports car company was founded 1931 and is today owned by part of Volkswagen Group.)
The Taycan Turbo GT will come in two versions.
One, the standard Porsche Taycan Turbo GT, will be fast but reasonably comfortable for street driving.
It will have four seats, as most Porsche Taycan models do.
The Porsche Taycan Turbo GT with Weissach Package, though, will dispense with backseats and other comfort items to save weight.
Even things like the standard clock in the dashboard are left off.
This more aggressive, track-oriented version of the car won’t cost any more, though, thanks to the money saved on things like seats and a clock.
Despite the Turbo in the title, neither of these cars has actual turbochargers, of course, since electric cars don’t use turbochargers which push air into internal combustion engines.
In this car, the name just denotes that they are powerful — and fast.
Porsche has said that the next generation of its Boxster and Cayman 2-door sports cars will be electric.
But Porsche executives have said that its iconic 911 sports car will be the last Porsche model to ever go all electric.

CNN —.

Porsche unveiled its most potent production vehicle today—that is, the vehicle that is manufactured in large quantities. The 1,093-horsepower electric Taycan Turbo GT, which will go on sale this summer, has already broken two records for the fastest electric vehicle on racetracks. It even beat the record set by a Tesla Model S by an incredible eighteen seconds.

Electric vehicles are more likely than gasoline-powered vehicles to have high horsepower ratings and breathtaking acceleration, especially since EVs are capable of having multiple motors. Naturally, these kinds of performance metrics are not very useful. Other than on a track, it would be impossible to reach this car’s potential, and very few people have the driving abilities to do so.

Giving customers the opportunity to boast about the potential capabilities of their car is the goal here. Furthermore, Porsche is putting aside doubts about whether electric vehicles, with their bulky batteries and practically silent operation, can be as exciting as gas-powered vehicles in light of growing regulatory pressure to sell more EVs.

On the winding, difficult Nürburgring Nordschleife in Germany, where automakers regularly test their most competitive sports cars, the Taycan Turbo GT set a world record for lap time. Cars that can accelerate rapidly and corner well are also necessary for the Nürburgring. Sports car makers take great pride in breaking records, and Porsche is no exception.

This new Porsche Taycan electric vehicle, the Turbo GT, has two motors. They have a combined power of over 1,000 horsepower. However, the experience of a high-horsepower electric vehicle won’t be cheap. There’s a $230,000 price tag on the Porsche.

With a maximum power output of 777 horsepower, the Porsche Taycan Turbo GT is very powerful most of the time. But for maximum acceleration out of a stop, it has a “launch control” button. Pressing it can temporarily boost power output to 1,093 horsepower, which can be reached in as little as 2:01 seconds from zero to sixty.

When compared to a standard gas-powered Porsche 911 Carrera, which produces 379 horsepower and is still unquestionably fast, how powerful is powerful? With 196 horsepower, a standard Toyota Prius is not particularly fast.

In addition, the new Porsche features an exclusive “Attack mode” that increases power to 937 horsepower while stiffening the suspension for improved cornering. However, “attack mode” will only be active for ten seconds at a time.

Porsche offers an electric vehicle with 1,000 horsepower.

According to a Porsche representative, these kinds of power outputs are not sustainable for very long because the cooling required for the motors and batteries, in addition to the sheer power output, would quickly deplete the batteries.

The Tesla Model S Plaid Track Package held the previous record at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. (A $2,02 million electric supercar, the Rimac Nevera, is faster than the Porsche by two tenths of a second; it is not regarded as a regular production vehicle. The Taycan’s lap time puts the Turbo GT—electric or not—as the fastest four-door vehicle on that particular track.

The electric Porsche.

The word taycan, which means “spirit of a colt,” is Turkish. When the Taycan was introduced in 2019, it was Porsche’s first completely electric vehicle. It is typically a four-door, four-seat vehicle. Founded in 1931, the German sports car company is currently a part of the Volkswagen Group. ).

There will be two iterations of the Taycan Turbo GT. The first is the Porsche Taycan Turbo GT standard model, which will be swift but manageably cozy for daily use. Like the majority of Porsche Taycan models, it will have four seats.

But in order to reduce weight, the Porsche Taycan Turbo GT with Weissach Package will forgo rear seats and other comfort features. Not even the dashboard’s standard clock is included. Still, because of the savings on items like clocks and seats, this aggressive, track-focused version of the car won’t cost extra.

Naturally, despite the word “turbo” in the title, neither of these vehicles actually has a turbocharger because electric vehicles don’t use turbochargers, which force air into internal combustion engines. The name of this car simply indicates that it is strong and quick.

Porsche has declared that its upcoming line of 2-door sports cars, the Boxster and Cayman, will be electric variants. However, Porsche executives have stated that the iconic 911 sports car will be the final model to use only electric power.

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